Anatomy Thread of Queensoul


Hi there:
I have finally mustered the courage to start a thread about some of my sketches, doodles, anatomy studies, and paintings, after much prodding by our Rebecca. :stuck_out_tongue: My objective is to learn by getting feed backs, helpful pointers and encouraging conversation.
Thanks for stopping by.


Yeeeeeaaaaah! dances with Queenie about time!


Yay! :bounce:Looking forward to this, Queenie! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Painting from one of the OFDW.


LOL, am moving in with you if I get laughed out of the village :smiley: :smiley:


Some sketches from my notebook.


Some more sketches


Another bunch of sketches


Originally posted by Queenie: LOL, am moving in with you if I get laughed out of the village :smiley: :smiley:

Anyone laughs, I squash. :wink:

Did you work more on that first OFDW piece? I think it looks great! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Some more coming up.


Can you believe I forgot about it until I started sorting stuff in my graphics folder for posting!
I’ll now throw it into my ‘to be finished’ compartment.


It looks great! Definitely post that last hand you did, as well! :thumbsup:


Detail of the hand from OFDW number 8 pose 1


Beautiful! I’m so impressed with your improvement! :applause:


Thank you Rebecca; I owe you a bunch.


Are you kidding? You’ve created the most addictive thread on CGTalk! :applause: Well, second most addictive… :smiley:


Why would anyone laugh?

You really have improved so much Queenie, very inspiring to see :slight_smile: that hand looks great, I love the almost metallicy look.


LOOKING GREAT so far, hope you post the wip for that silvery gray one your working on.
I really like that one a lot,really turning out BEAUTIFUL :thumbsup:
Can’t wait to see more, each one is better than the last, nice prograss, great progress
in fact. :slight_smile:


Thank you werewolf.

@Glenn: Thanks for stopping by and for your help. I’ll surely post that one. It’s been fun getting back to OFDW.


more sketchiness: