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Thought I might just start my own thread, now.


who am I?
Murat Kayi, 31, aspiring to become a professional writer, I do this just for fun!
for those who can understand German, take a look at my website!
what’s my goal?
to become a good figurative artist. Nothing less, nothing more.

what’s my plan?

  • to take part in the OFDWs
  • to use my ressources, copy them, study them, e.g.: Loomis, Hogarth, everything online, Master Draughtsmen series
  • to do master copies
  • to do sketches from imagination - ultimately I want to draw and paint figures and environments which have not existed until I created them. Gotta start someday, so why not right away?
  • to do head, head feature, arm, hand and feet studies in particular from reference

To encourage everyone out there who thinks his/her stuff is crappy… take a look at my first OFDW007 attempt - it can’t get any crappier than that now, can it? Also, note the progress from OFDW to OFDW - these images clearly explain why I love this forum and its forumites so much, especially the ubiquitious forum leader: because it made me become better!

crap study from hell OFDW007:

the decisive hint from Rebecca in the same OFDW: value constitutes form! Do greyscale!



done in artrage

more and new stuff later today… gotta fetch my little one from the kindergarten… see you all soon!


Go Mr. Mu!

Great to see this up and running! I think this is…just supey! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

You just hadta be different, didn’t you? .: :. :scream:

Looking forward to the good things that develop here. :slight_smile:

EDIT: You have been linked up here:




Well, now I feel supey inside!:beer:

This is just to reflect my inner differentness…:wise:

or I just figured it would look cool:scream:

feel free to edit the thread title and add twenty exclamation marks or all capslock instead:scream:

no ref used here, trying to find out what I know and whyt I think I know.

The look and technique is inspired by franck kobolt who does wonderful sketches on textured background and also by Dr. Bone or Mr. Mentler(?) whose figurative art in his anatomy thread I admire beyond words. I actually took a sample of his paper background and spread it via image hose all over the background. By adding lighter values of the bg color I can dip a toe in the pond of color while remaining monochrome and in therefor safe areas:


HEllouu Mr. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!:stuck_out_tongue: Great to see ya here with your own thread!!:wip:Ï´ll see your progress!!

┤ Zalo:p


Well, Helen Keller mode being in effect :smiley: I’ll have to look at your work later. :slight_smile: But glad to see you’re already adding work here.

Supey! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Gonzalo - thank you so much! Means a lot to know there’s people watching this!
Rebecca - shall I describe the pics to you in the meantime?:stuck_out_tongue:


hiya mr. mu! glad to see you made your own thread! now keep em coming ok :slight_smile:

nice to see you’ve started weeding out the stuff you think you know from what you really know. about those 2 last drawings, i think proportion might be a good place for you to work on. Loomis said it’s best to start with the overall proportion before getting into details, and his book is an excellent study material for that.

btw, great ofdw studies. i esp like the one done in artrage :thumbsup: hope to see more work from you mr. mu!


Hi …MR MU…:slight_smile:

Great to see you have a thread now.
All it lacks is your first painting done in PAINTER, can’t wait to see that one.
It will be a pleasure for you, I think, after all of the other programs
you’ve had to deal with lately.
You managed to pull it all together on #10… in spite of those programs though
and that’s to be admired for sure…:thumbsup:
I’m looking forward to seeing the progress that i’m sure you will achive…

Take Care…MR MU…:slight_smile:


Lyneran - thanks for watching! Yea, proportion… and line quality… and edge design… and shading… and smooth blending. Stroke flow: I could go on forever. I will try to mind proportion and think of an exercise which relies heavily on it, though. Thanks for the hint!

Spirit Dreamer - Especially happy you walked in, here! You actually do your name credit as you are very inspiring (which, if you dissect the word means “to put the spirit into someone”, doesn’t it?).

As concerns Painter, I am starting to believe something must have gone terribly wrong as the service hotline of my dealer said they sent it on thursday and it still did not arrive! I am somewhat frustrated - must wait til tomorrow cause they said they would investigate further. I sincerely hope this will not turn out to be a pain in the ass with mysteriously unaccountable /disappearing packages a.s.o.

Anyway… with this I tried to tilt some heads and mind my lines. The pale sketches are actually layers I have used on top of each other (set to multiply), but have been moved on purpose here to serve as progress steps.

done in artweaver (sigh)


I have been trying to make artweaver provide me with an inkpen. Had one of Dr. Bone’s sheets open and studied the look of the lines (from a brush design point-of view). I actually am quite fond of the inkpen I created.

What went through my head while doing this:

  1. I will do master studies as I stated, but I think I will include my favourite artists from around here in this, too. After all, if they do things I like, there must be a lot to learn, there. This includes people like Gord, Dr. Bone, and others…

  2. I read an article on digital art and how artists need to be aware of how the digital canvas lacks resistance and that you always want to make things perfect and erase mistakes while in traditional art mistakes make the picture (rough summary)… so I decided to not refine on a separate layer, but pretend I had a traditional one-way-ticket. Was fun…

Next step will be proportions as promised to Lyneran…

See you soon


Mu, if you’re finding the tablet doesn’t have the same feel as pencil on paper, the easiest way to fix that is to actually tape a piece of paper to your tablet. You get about the same level of sensitivity, but with a little friction. That resistance can help wire your brain into thinking “traditional traditional traditional”. :slight_smile:


Mr. Mu,

Finally got a chance to look at your work out of ‘Helen Keller’ mode :smiley: and your progress through the OFDWs is impressive! :thumbsup: Very much looking forward to seeing you push your skills further here. :slight_smile:




Nice work on the greyscale paintings!:arteest::beer:


Lyneran’s hint was spot on - I don’t know anything about poroportion…or maybe I knew nothing til tonight:scream:. Male proportions will follow…


I really like that proportion chart! Everytime I look at one Im suprised that the waistline is higher up than I always though it was, but once I look at a figure or such, its really spot on. Im looking forward to the male chart aswell!


pushav, rebecca - thanks for popping in and leaving a comment!

erilaz - I have tried this once and it gave the creepy feeling that you get when scratching your nails over a blackboard:scream:. Maybe it is different with wacoms as they seem to have different nibs for special purposes? I only have a cheap one for 15€. When I have finally saved enough money for a intuos I will give it another go.

But I think that the article referred to a form of inner resistance. Digital is easier for the sake of ctrl-zed-ing alone and if you watch at some of the sketches in Doctor Bone’s thread, which are all traditional, then you see the spots where he actually corrected wrong proportions are all nicely integrated into the figure as a whole. This gives his drawings a very special look.
Now, what do I do when I make mistakes? I hit ctrl+z. I use layers in the first place to make sure I can erase safely.
So, the way I understood this article, it is worth taking risks digitally sometimes,

  • trying to integrate the mistakes into the finished piece
  • Use only one layer
  • don’t ctrl-z
  • correct on-the-fly
  • go over the spots with a different tool, things like that. I think it’s fun. And, as I am not a dogmatic person, I feel one should try everything sometimes.

gorgnut - glad you left a comment and liked the charts. They are from “Figure Drawing for what it’s worth” by Andrew Loomis. I indeed have to force myself to place the features where the plate tells me they should go as opposed to where I think they go.:scream:


Mr. Mu,

Great to see these proportional studies! I kind of agree about the paper on wacom thing ~ I used to recommend it to people, but after trying it myself with limited success, I kind of got the same feeling about the ‘nails on chalkboard’ thing…:D…but on occasion, I’m sure it comes into handy. I kind of like your unique approach of just disregarding the CTRL + Z function…but boy, would that take discipline for me to use…:smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:




you never tried it before recommending it? I absolutely know this effect. Some things sound so convincing you adopt them as working ideas that it takes some time before you realize you never really checked them!

Do you own a wacom? Which brand. Would be interesting for me to know if it is actually a different thing with the wacom…


Mr. Mu,

I have 2 small wacoms, 1 Graphire and 1 Intuos (the Wacom brand is Wacom :D) and they’re both 4x6 I believe. Works for me. :slight_smile: Paper doesn’t work differently with them, though. It’s still kinda scritch scratchy…but maybe people would get different results with different kinds of paper. :slight_smile:




not use the one thing that keeps most artists sane (enough) ? nooooo!! :smiley: well actually i’m forced to do this when i do 2, 5 and 15 min gestures and you’re right, sometimes stray lines actually add to the whole image. :slight_smile:

anyway, nice to see you spending time on Loomis. definitely a good step. glad you got the books before they were taken down btw.