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Beautiful work :thumbsup:


Thanks man!:slight_smile:


I’m liking the studies, too. Great structure.


Hi Mister 3D :slight_smile:

Nice structure studies :thumbsup:

Now that you have the structure fresh in your mind,…you might want to put that knowlage to use, by creating a scene with multi figures doing different actions within it…This wil force you to understand how the muscles actually work and function while in motion/action…compression/extenstion…relaxed/tensed…and also how the weight of the line and volume within and surrounding the figure when varied can convey a sense of weight…heavy/light and movement.
The best way to get to the next step in your progress is to work and study from life, combined with really studying,…not just copying, but really seeing and absorbing the the drawings and finished paintings of the old masters.Rubens ect…and really absorbing what and feeling what is happening within their figures, and the ways that they have decribed what is happening …highlights/dark accents…variations of each within the figure…values/tones ect.

Feel and touch the muscles of your own body as they work…it’s your best model to learn from…use a mirror/mirrors ect. as you study.

Be careful as you go along studying the masters that you don’t fall into the trap of imatation by limiting and not using your own creativity and imagination in the process of learning.
Just some thoughts that might be useful to you along the way on the journy that you are on…hope they are helpful in some way…:slight_smile:
Keep up the great progress. :thumbsup:


Thank you guys! Yes Glenn, I agree it’s a good idea trying this in motion. You are very helpful to this forum, I’m sure many people are glad you help. I still remember your comments you did. :slight_smile:
Those are my final control works, which I will show tomorrow to the teacher and hear final crits. I will not fix them, as I have to work from memory… It helps to understand which points are especially weak.


Hey Mister3d,

  Really like your anatomical studies in your control works or anatomy album. Your teacher is correct in saying it lacks the drawing aspect, from depth, to application, of line work. But, they remind me a lot, of the armor on Crysis which is a fantastic job in applied structure. Thank you again for posting in my thread, so I wanted to return the appreciation, as well.


Hehe, thank you too Nekotiq. :wink: Definitely there’s a room to improve. I’m happy I learned a lot of what I wanted, and it should be just an easy occasion drawing from time to time.
Sometimes, it’s worth stepping back and having some rest, and then you return to studies with more energy and understanding. Time to play some counter-strike. :smiley:


Got my mark 4- (minus means not completely 4, but also not 3, I guess it’s 3.6-3.8), where 5 is excellent, 4 is good, 3 is not too good, 2 is bad, 1 is extremely bad. And more detailed - some joints got mark 3, some got 4, some got 5. It’s very hard to get mark 5 with our anatomy teacher. That’s why I value her so much. She is honest and strict. My previous mark was 3-. Of course it doesn’t matter much, but still matters from knowledge perspective. So I got my basic course done.
Which I should’ve done 9 years ago when I was studying, but at that time I worked and didn’t have such good resources. And it seemed not too important at that time. So I felt like I gained revenge. Like I managed to fix something from my past I regretted. I’m thankful for the kindness of our teacher, as she could have not let me studying there, but I think she got good things from me too.


I want to draw more, and develop skills by Bammes approach. The first stage is drawing silhouettes by heart, or, in other words, completely by your imagination. As the final goal of the course is being able to draw humans be heart.


Hi Mister 3D :slight_smile:…0i30.10169.36597.0.50327.…0.0…1c.1.YfxNucl5tuU&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=559bd2d9da9f8e18&bpcl=37189454&biw=1901&bih=1107

Above is a link to DYNAMIC LIGHT and SHADE by Burne Hogarth
Great book and teacher…It starts out using total silhouette, and then progresses on to minimal lighting, and then on to all kinds of different types of lighting, using mostly the human figure created from imagination as examples of how to create convincing lighting situations…all from imagination, through the close study of light and it’s effects from real life of course.
Anyway, if you don’t have that book already, I would highly recommend it to any artist approaching the study of light/shade and shadow.
I like those silhouettes that you have just posted…Nice job.:slight_smile:


Ah, thank you SpiritDreamer for this suggestion. I will definitely explore this book!


I hope I’ll have free time and money for taking drawing classes of live humans, as it’s something I missed (didn’t have enough resources for this last year). But I think despite that I still managed to get it together more or less. And I hope it will get even better. Surely I still take any critics.


Great anatomy drawings and really cool figure sculpts, got some inspiration from your stuff, thank you for sharing!:slight_smile:


Thanks man!


The sculpts are great!
Really good to see the interesting variations.



Thank you Chris. :slight_smile:


Hey mister3d,

I seen your figurative sculpture work. I like them but would suggest a way to take your studies further by having natural muscle mass characters. Meaning some characters that are less muscular and hardly toned in muscle, maybe try even using all the basic average body types and exaggerating them to your likings. I would suggest to try more female characters as well to develop an understanding of perception in all character types and genders. Great works nonetheless. :thumbsup:


Greetings! Thank you for taking your time to give me feedback. :slight_smile: I’m fully aware I need to improve, so I completely agree with you. Especially at realism in terms of not making it schematic. I wanted to take drawing classes from live posing already, but I’m busy with other stuff… hopefully later this year. If I’m into making characters this year, I want to take it to the next step.


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