Anatomy Thread of Menthol[Felidae]


Cool idea doing the ecorce. Doing a human and quadruped this way is on my to-do list, no doubt. I think it would be a really nice touch to finish it off with a sculpt of the skin on top, I think it would give you a stronger indication of how accurate you’ve been.

You mentioned anatomy books… first off I would say get as many as you can. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. For me the closest to a holy grail is Paul Richer’s artistic anatomy. Very thorough and very clear - no internal organs though.

For your animal studies, I bought a huge book in Italy for my girlfriend once called “Anatomia Scuola Di Disegno” (Anatomy - School of Drawing) by Andras Szunyoghy and Gyorgy Feher. I’ve no idea if you can buy it online, but given the authors names I’d say it’s not exclusively Italian, so there’s a good chance its well distributed. Anyway, covers a LOT of animals (humans too, but the accuracy for them isnt as good as other books), and spends a lot of time comparing different species. Worth it if you can find it.


Thanks for advices Chris :smiley: I checked couple of book stores but only book I could find a book titled ‘anatomy for artists’ which hasn’t got much info in it. I think I need not artist related anatomy book. I’ll check online.

Here is some of my anatomy studies, after getting some cool books I’ll go 3D :smiley:


Hey, hey, hey!

I still couldn’t find the book I wanted, checked online but it wasn’t all that great. Still looking to it. I’ve always wanted to visit a statue, oh boy, it would take forever me to visit USA, so I’m trying to create it :smiley:

It’s on very early stages but I wanted to share that and still working on felidae time to time.

Here is my little project, Bethesda Fountain, Angel of Waters.


Hey again, sculpted only 10 percent of it, but here is a little update, if you have any suggestions about any proportions please let me know :smiley:


Ahoy mates :smiley:

I’ve done sculpting the Angel of Waters, I might say, some parts of it I like a lot but there are some places that I really hate, it really was a challenge for me. When I learn new tricks, I’d definitely come back and fix some of my mistakes. Well, enough talking :smiley:


Some close-ups; If you think there is something wrong, please let me know.


Hey, hey! :smiley:

As said, started to study on human, not too much for now, I’m planning to finish sculpting details of skull, muscles/skin and some more details hopefully this weekend.

Many thanks


Hi there!
That cat looks pretty impressive :slight_smile:

Your last project, the angel… the feet seem kinda small to me.
Hard to tell though as there wasn’t really a clear profile view.

In any case, there is a lot of nice stuff going on here!
Nice to see some 2D sketches here as well btw



First, many thanks Johan. Hoping to be great artist as yourself one day :smiley: Although,
I plan to be fan artist for a long time :smiley:

Well, let’s get to business, I had some code projects, but now long nights are mine once again. Finished head muscles and bones. Though, for this one I’m using Maya instead of ZSpheres.

For the angel, I fixed some of the things I can see but that’s my limit for now. I feel something is wrong but can’t see/fix.



Hey hey :smiley:

I just finished connecting every piece of muscle and roughly modeled the organs to understand it better. Well, I draw for long hours, now seen them, modelled them in 3D, now I’m on to memorizing the names :smiley: I walk 1.5 hours a day, today started to memorize and remember the names by touching my own muscles, well, people probably thought what is this weird-o doing :smiley: If that won’t be enough, well, I gotta work even harder :smiley:

Anyway, for me having this is important, I tried to upload here but got some sort of error, if you need something like this / don’t have time / fix errors and make it more viable / or for anything, just PM me, I’ll send the ZTL file( 13.5 mb )

Now, I’m going to create some of the characters(One Piece, by Eiichiro Oda) and an animal for each character. Gonna start off with Blackbeard and for his animal, I picked Leopard. I really hope you enjoy and judge me as much as you can.

Many thanks!


Hey hey!

A little update on Blackbeard and some paintings, well, obviously failed but that’s okay. These showed me how badly I need to train my eyes :smiley:



Holy cow! This stuff is amazing!
I’m not sure what the benefit of knowing muscle names, sxcept some major ones, but if you are planning to be a hardcore professional, maybe it may be helpful. I’m impressed with your hardwork.


Hi Menthol, great work on those muscle study: i think this really helps to improve your understanding of anatomy. I’ve seen a video of Zack Petroc (Gnomon workshop) and he uses a ZBrush modell to explain the muscles, and their insertion points. It is much clearer than any drawing i’ve seen.
Nice work on the weapons as well: i like the details!


Great work with the anatomy studies Menthol! The Angel’s hands and feet on the previous page look a bit too small. Those quick paintings are definately not failures - they look good! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Really good work on the anatomy study… u’ve done a really good research! i like the ammunition images too… looks nice…


Hey hey!

mister3d : Many thanks man, I’m glad that you liked them. For the muscles, I’m not trying to be hardcore, I’m a programmer, I don’t know any other way :smiley:

batte812 : Thanks, thanks! :smiley: I might check Mr. Petroc’s study as well. Thanks for the info.

Aviva : First, thanks for the crit, Johan too, told that they were small, I thought I fixed it but apparently not. I pretty much eye-balled the hole thing, have to compare with the original and fix it. You really liked the paintings? I just bought the 50kg-Da-Vinci-studies-drawing-painting book, have a plan to re-do all of those in time, hopefully improves me.

wickedsamara Thanks! Didn’t take it that much though, thanks to Eliot Goldfinger & Google.

Here is a little update on Blackbeard. 4 choices proposed to the fans, these 3 ones here and one for me to work on it more :smiley:




The head looks good! Some points:
-both upper and lower eyelids need more definition, and now look a bit undefined, i.e. folds must be more prominent
-the lower lid now ends too abruptly, it must go inside of the upped eyelid. Just take a mirror and see for yourself
-the nose bone must be more prominent, now it looks like it has some muscle or tissue structure, whereas it’s more rigid indeed
-lips outline could be more smooth, and also having some inner small horizontal fold:it goes just above the lips outlin
-when people smile, their muscles get stretched, and are more straight than curved. So both mouth and nasolabial fold will be more straight in this position.
-try to work in perspective mode §, as this way you will get closer to final look
-the corners of the lips could go deeper inside and be more smooth also. Look for example, how smooth lips look in the corners here or hereШукати+зображення&aq=f&oq=
-try to treat eyebrows form not separately from the forehead bones, i.e. smooth out it a bit and make it more roundish alltogether
-the ear placement is usually the upper part where the eyebrow line goes, and the lower - the base of the nose

Here’s a quick overpaint, I’m a bit exhausted so it’s not very firm, but maybe it can be useful to you.


Hey hey!

 Many thanks, Alexander, for that detailed criticism, it helped me a lot :D I tried to fix what I get from those and here is an update, hope you like it.


What a great update man!
Now it looks much, much better.
The face now looks perfect (at least from this distance). Maybe I would add a bit more roundness to the shoulders, but I think it’s not critical. His stomach somehow bothers me, maybe some checking with references could help. The upper part of the stomach, where ribs over, maybe could be underlined a bit to show there is some structure. But if clothing will be over, it’s not important.


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