Anatomy Thread of Llynna


ok my dear people, im trying to seriously start to work on my anatomy and already started on hands yay. since theresa told i do have an anatomy thread i started one to not disappoint her g.

heres some of the work. the hands are done with a coloured pencil. the other things are part of the ofdw.

some hands

i got some new books yesterday, the book of hundred hands and drawing the draped figure by george bridgman and figure drawing by anthony ryder. i started reading the ryder book and its just amazing, i really love it, the method somehow suits me much more than the one of loomis or such by counting heads. i tried to apply the enveloping and getting the the blocking down to the hands i did after the bridgeman book


Toll! Willkommst du zur Forum Anatomie ^^… endlich!

Deiner Handen machen fortlaufende verbesserung! (grammatisch…ouch!)

Either way, you’re improving at top speed, britta! Weitergehen! :applause:


Yay Britta! Love the OFDW work; very nice values and form. The hand studies are looking good, though you seem to be having some trouble with the thumbs in some of them. Great stuff! :slight_smile:


Hey Llynna,

Great to see your Anatomy Thread up and going! No one can resist the power of the Clippy, eh? :wink:

It’s cool, I’ve never seen some of your OFDW pieces ~ apparently you never posted them. :smiley: I like Ryder’s method very much, I was never very good at counting heads, either. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



are ugonna post more of your practice… :3and hows the drawing of the hands comming along
:3 more work MORE WORK PLEAE :3


hey thanks for all the support you people :smiley:

some update here. starting doing non digital stuff and it is so much fun.

First one is finished and im rather proud of it.

this one here is a wip i started yesterday. its for an p%p rpg called Engel, its about an apocalyptic earth were a new church has risen from the ruins of the old world and is preaching the existenz of angels. well there are creatures with wings… but well.


Wow, never saw this thread. Happy to have seen it now. Great ones from ofdw, hands are good, only some of them have broken fingers :smiley: The new figures re totaly amazing! Are they going to be colorised? I see that you’ve written that the frst one is finished, but I’m just curious, I really like them.



Your first sketch in particular is gorgeous! :thumbsup: It’s great to see your pencil work, you really have a facility for it, and I hope you push it further. Hoping to see some more pieces in this fashion! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



great work ! i’m completely fan of your drawings :slight_smile:
the only thing i quite did’nt get is about the hands , some seems strange , like overshaped
the blue one on the second drawing , some muscles seems very round and at some places , i see carved shapes that i can’t understand , altrough the whole studies are quite expressive :slight_smile:
could you make more hand work ???
after that , all the works really appeals to me , looking forward for more :slight_smile:


Gorgeous pencil work. That figure 1 turned out so nice. If you lightly shade the background, the figure will even jump out more. Good to see you start up this anatomy thread honey! :thumbsup: Keep em coming.


That first one is really a lovely piece :slight_smile: I hope we get to see a few of the steps in the production of the second one.


@raz: welcome over to the thread^^. as you can see im stilla t the beginning with it. i will definetly post more hand studies, as i really need to do them. maybe some today when i can find some time.

The first drawing is final for this technique, but i will go buy a canvas some time soon and paint it in traditional media aka oil to give it to my parents. THe second one will stay black and white cause i think it will fit the task best or we will see.

@becca: thank you :). i will try to push it further cause its really massive fun to render in pencil, cant belive i forgot how much^^.

@the glog: thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: yes, some of the hands are ah well several times broken and not healed again neatly or so ;P. the overshapdness is somewhat the result of reading and using burne hogarths great anatomy book as reference. i somehwat find that through overhsaping one body part you get the proportions and little quirks best.

@ego: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: yes, i finally did and theresa made me open my own thread :slight_smile: and who can resist our charming clippy ;). i wanted to shade it lightly but couldnt work up the courage cause i thought i might mess uo with it.

@kary: if you are interested, i can provide wip pictures of the first one too. i will put them together today and post them along with an update on the second.


some really great work here! love the first one in post #6 :thumbsup: keep it up.



ok, here is the promised wip of Ceallaich, the flower fairy and some update on the angel.


Looking forward to seeing this wip completed. Looks like it may be a painful concept. :slight_smile:



It’s great to see the WIP of your Calla piece! :slight_smile: I think it will make a lovely painting, and I hope you will save WIP images of that as well. :slight_smile: How do you plan to approach the painting?




at first i need to go and buy a canvas, then i will transfer it via some of these charcoil papers, thats not cheating isnt it? to trace your owm sketch? after that some mild color laydown in a middle range color and then i will try to just get it done. i know it will be hard to do but hey^^. of course i will provide some wips :slight_smile:

so here is another update on the angel drawing.



Nope, transferring your own drawing isn’t cheating. :slight_smile: Your drawing is looking great! What are your plans for the background, I wonder? :slight_smile:




Hi…Llynna …:slight_smile:

GREAT to see your thread in here …:thumbsup:

BEAUTIFUL rendering going on in that angel…very tight,…a lot of work, but the results are
for sure worth it…:applause:
I also really like the expression on the flower fairies face…the line and your technique is GREAT
Are you going to do that angel in oils…would be great…just curious.


@becca: some people can be so fishy about this cheating thing… ah well not here but on a german forum i know, its real scary. hm the background, dont know yet, since the setting of the rpg is one of a neo gothic church thingie, mabye som of these things. but dont know…

@glen: great to see you around here :slight_smile: and i really appreciate your support :D. youre right, rendering a full thing in pencil is quite a lot of work, but tis also massive fun. i dont think i will do the angel in oil, black and white is suitible for it.

here is an update