Anatomy Thread of justjake







Nearly TWO YEARS ago I started this challenge and although it started off a bit patchy, this year I’ve nailed down the habit of drawing nearly every day.

Evan though I don’t talk much if anybody could comment on my work that would be much appreciated.

I do wish I engaged more but every time I come here my mind goes blank.

Anyway I will carry on drawing (almost) every day, forever!


Sometimes I wonder if I take the whole “post everything” idea a little too seriously :p.

I have resumed life drawing classes, which makes me happy.


The arm on the study below was horrible, I only managed to “save” it with shading away the inaccuracies.





For a long time I had wanted to try using graphite powder for my drawings, and I finally have.

What a horrible mistake! This stuff is as fine as talc powder. You open the tub, it goes everywhere. You pick it up, a cloud of graphite erupts from the surface. You lay it down, more clouds, more graphite falling off the sides. I’m scared of the day I will inevitably exhale over the uncovered pot and it will cover my face, my clothes, my desk, computer walls bed books everything!

As for drawing with the stuff, I dipped a small flat headed brush into the powder and a clump stuck half way up the bristles. This stuff is weightless! One small brush full will cover one quarter to a whole half an A4 page in graphite powder, that’s how much surface it takes to rub it all in. When I figure out how to use this it will be very effective when it comes to fine shading.



Just a quicky





Quick update seeing as I had the photo’s ready in time :slight_smile:

First photo has a little auto contrast done, the lighting cause the picture to be a little washed out.

The next two images, not great but an odd pattern came through the board I was drawing on onto the newsprint.


The lighting was a bit odd whilst taking these following photos