Anatomy Thread of justjake


EDIT: It’s getting harder and harder for me to upload all of my art here now, for numerous reasons.

I upload on two other pro-art forums besides here, all at the same time and generally with the same content. Each site has it’s own quirks with uploading, but they are all blown away by Instagram. On Instagram, every night I can just snap my drawings for the day, make a collage, paste in the hashtags, post and it’s done, all on my phone and it takes two minutes. I can’t do that every night for three different forums.
I upload my artwork for feedback and accountability. Here, and on the other forums too, feedback is naturally 100 times better than Instagram. However, now that I have my accountability (that I am studying almost every day) on Instagram, I don’t feel like I need to come here and prove that I am drawing day in, day out.
I like my thread on this forum. I like how it is just a great big WALL of life drawing. I want it to continue, but the bridge between my sketchbooks and these forums is getting harder to cross with every upload.


Hi there. I call myself a “digital artist in training”. My goal is to be able to draw and paint any character I can imagine in 2D, and in 3D to be able to model and render anything I can imagine. I have gone on a sabbatical to learn traditional art, properly. Please be harsh in your critique.


I think I like pencil and paper more than digital at the moment.


Trying to get back into the roll of things now.

Still haven’t nailed hair that well and sometimes I just don’t bother with hair or ears…yet. I’m liking where it’s going (still miles to go of course).
I wasted a lot of time on the second to last one (dragged it on over 3 days) but the last one took one and a half hours. I hope to get to doing about 3 per day, depending on my schedule.

Please leave comments, tell me where I’m going right/wrong.


Was too lazy on this one, his left eye is a bit flat. Not saying this as an excuse but the source image wasn’t fantastic either. Seeing as I am working in grey scale I think I might find it easier when I draw statues.


Nice to try using colour, liked the skin texture I got even if it did look a little wet. Didn’t realise I was pulling a duck face untill I had nearly finished :expressionless:

Again I enjoyed using colour on this piece, and the subject matter. Didn’t focus on the texture here either.




great improvement! :thumbsup:



Sketch. Tried drawing a mirror image of an earlier piece. Not fun, but challenging.


Sloppier than it could have been. No eyebrows or ear, hell I even traced the line art. On the plus, I think I’m getting better at doing lips.


Digital colour study of rear of hand. I wanted a picture of the hand where the tendons over the knuckles were clear and of an older persons hand. Images weren’t easy to obtain.

This looks all right,the colour looks ok but not as it was in the source image. Tendons and wrinkles were hard to reproduce.


Digital, black and white. Numerous thing’s I got wrong, the eyes are off shape and position and the nose is too flat. I also have this thing where the mouth and chin don’t quite ever both look right in relation to each other.

Other than that I am relatively pleased with it. Added freckles to the face because it worked well in a previous piece and wanted to use it again, despite not being in the source.


A whole month? Gee…

So I turned to doing 3D work for a while, followed some tutorials, revived some older projects and started one project I have been eager to start for a while.

First off I did a small jaffa cake project a while ago and got these results:

Could be better, but this was pre-rendered and I wanted to throw it into marmoset and re-jig the textures using Knald.

Not so happy with the biscuit texture (what spec would it have?) and I think the edge of the chocolate could be more bubley and wavey.

Second project. I got an irresistible urge to make a hand rig, without looking at too much research I kind of went off in my own direction. I’ll have to do more research next time on how to model a hand.

Step one:

Step two:

Knitted together:

Here is where I realised I’d have to spend too long dragging vert’s around for it to be worth it. I will make an awesome hand rig another day!

Most certainly back to photoshop for my next upload.


Took a couple of hours. Really like some parts, some parts I skimped on and others, like the forearm I just couldn’t get right.


Hey justjake,
Just checked out your thread. Been going through it and what I noticed is mistakes during the layout/block-out stage. I think it would be best to practice doing blind contour drawings to get a proficient experience level at hand and eye coordination. Then maybe try doing gesture drawing next after doing at least 10-15 blind contour drawings, and at least once or twice a day. Then doing repetition to both exercises switching between the two, finding a warm-up practice routine that suits you at this beginning stage.
:wavey: :thumbsup:


Little hiatus, house moving related.

Working through the Andrew Loomis books. Wrestling with how the examples don’t always match up with the formula’s he states about thirds, and how this early on in the books, the placement of the features in the right place is more important than drawing them right.

People’s heads and faces are all in different proportions and slightly different positions, right? I find it difficult applying this to the various heads I encounter, but I guess time and moving through these books will help me.


Thank you for the advice!


And because I was eager to shade something…


Not getting any better at drawing heads yet but am getting pretty good at drawing circles.


Keep following those books. Draw from observation. Keep at it but consider quality not quantity. A few accurate studies will serve you better than pages of rushed studies. Not saying you are rushing, it’s just a tip I have to continue to remind myself of.