Anatomy Thread of Gunilla - 3D


I’m very fascinated by old time anatomy/medical mannequin drawings and have for some time wished to try and do something like that in a more modern style.
The kind of images I’m thinking of was very popular in 1500-1600th century and often showed bodies in relaxed poses ripping off their own skin to show the muscles or inner organs.
A number of them can be found at these excellent resource sites:

I stumbled upon this one: I like the way she covers up her intimate parts while exposing all her inner organs … her pose is also almost identical to that of Botticellis Venus, so this will be my main reference for the bodys pose

I also plan for this to be my first project ever with ZBrush - and have no clue as how I’m going to solve it yet. Just thought it wood be a good opportunity to try some new things

So, here is the very first step, placing some Zsperes, using Venus as a backdrop for some reference:

My plan is to make a rough shape for the body and then fill it with as many organ as needed to make the impression I’m after.
Comments, Crits and Spam are welcome :slight_smile:


Hey Gunie…

Your project is great and very original… I will to push you in this way…

I remember the first link you add… it was a very great inspiration when I’ve worked on the MachineFlesh challenge…
…this kind of ancient medical picture… and plastination… very insteresting too… that appear a little bit gore… but with some interest, you can have a real fascination for this… art.

Now I’ve subscribe here… I could follow in real time the Zbrush course :thumbsup:

and the birth of something different, but full of interest… cheers dear, I love your project :applause:



I’m a huge sucker for this kind of old world illustration, and I’m super excited to see what will happen with this project!

Do you know of the work of Alexander Tsiaras? He works in Max to bring to life medical concepts in a highly artistic fashion ~ given your interest in medical illustration work, I’m sure you would love him:

He has a book and website, “From Conception to Birth” ~ I was fortunate enough to catch his exhibit at one of the medical libraries here, but unfortunately missed the Dream Anatomy one, though have seen the awesome website…thanks for those links, as I had forgotten to add them to the Reference thread!

You should also post your beautiful finished Spectacular piece here, as well as a link to your Spectacular thread…it would give people the chance to become familiar with your beautiful work, and understand your background. :slight_smile:

Speaking of your background…do you want to tell us a little bit about your training and background here? :slight_smile: That would be a great introduction for what is sure to be a great thread to follow! :bounce:

Great to see this Gunnie, and hope you had a great Christmas!!! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Okay, you’ve been linked up here! :slight_smile:




YAYYYY !! :scream:

Great project Gunilla !! , this is gonna be huge for sure … and…and I see Zspheres :
Come on , Come all ladies and gentlemen !!

Glad to see you on work :applause: , hope to see more soon.

Post scriptum spam : Hope you had a great time this week end :slight_smile: lots of presents ? how’s Muffen doing ?


Good morning all! [b]

Laurent[/b] - thanks for cheering on this project of mine, I hope it will be a good way to spend my holidays! I’m not surprised to see you have been threading the same paths with your machineflesh entry :slight_smile:
The plastination thing is a bit barbaric, I was so surprised to hear that it actually is used today! It would be more in line with the wax cabinets of past days than modern exhibits I think - but as you say, fascinating in a weird way - thanks for the links!

Rebecca - Glad that you find this to be a suitable project for the Anatomy forum :bounce:
I hadn’t heard of Alexander Tsiaras, and that site would have been priceless for me to find during the Challenge! Awesome work indeed.
I’ll post my background and twins in the next post, thanks!

Zapan - Hi there, glad you found your way to this place, I’m counting on your spam :slight_smile:
I had a good weekend but Muffen is not very happy with me, I left him alone for two days so now he’s a bit grumpy … I have to make up for it with lots of goodies and playing :scream:


So, it seems like a good idea to do some sort of presentation of myself for those that doesn’t know me yet. I’ve been practising different kinds of art for quite some time, from costume design to mosaic to still life painting in oil and more… My background and training is from the Fine Arts field which I loved doing, but at a point realised I could never make a living with… so I started to do animation and illustration instead. The last two years I’ve focused on medical and scientific visualisation - areas that I really like to work in and I hope to get good enough to get the good jobs in that field. When I was in college I spent most of the time with abstract stuff so to say I’m rusty with figurative work is to put it mild … I hope to get a new start with that here!
A year ago I started to participate in the Challenges here, and that have given me so much in terms of learning new things and most important finding the way back to doing work of my own - I really love what I’m doing, just like the people I’ve got to know here :slight_smile:

My image from the last challenge is quite representative of the style I’m going for - partly realistic and partly more “free”

My Challenge page


So, the project continues:

I didn’t have the patience to make a good starting point by using ZSpheres so I did a very simple mesh in Max instead, I’ve just imported it in ZB and will now try to sculpt it into somethong looking more like a body and less like a blob :slight_smile:


Good morning Gunilla!

Interesting project :thumbsup: * subscribing*…! I’m looking forward to see a Maxer’s first steps in zBrush !

Hope you had a great time at Christmas and that Muffen will forgive you soon!:smiley:



Morning Gunie… I don’t know if it’s the good solution to start… and yet do shortcuts :scream: hahaha… but I understand you well…
Just too much curious to see “all” the steps… “all ZB steps” :thumbsup:


A Maxer’s first steps in zBrush: Closing the programm and modeling the whole thing in max…:smiley: !

Reminds me of my own tests:bounce: …May be we are really to unpatient! :shrug: But I’m looking forward to see the next steps!



Haha, Sabrina, Lolo - I promise you then - I will make the hand in ZSpheres, OK? I really want to learn it, so no more shortcuts… :blush: It’s a good way to practise patients as well :smiley:

And Sabrina, great news about your new Wacom - so we will see your first steps with it here too? I don’t want to be the only beginner here.



Very cool to hear about your background! :slight_smile: Very cool stuff, and I wish you luck with the medical illustration ~ you should check out “Anatomy Thread of Redehlert” here ~ he’s a medical illustrator (traditional) ~ great work as well! :thumbsup:

This thread looks like it will be fantastic, looking forward to your progress! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks Rebecca - some really cool stuff there, thanks for pointing it out. I’ve already started to spam him :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Thanks Rebecca - some really cool stuff there, thanks for pointing it out. I’ve already started to spam him :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

By the way, Gunie, I was thinking this morning about what you said re: Alexander Tsiaras and how it would have helped you to know about him during the Challenge ~ it’s funny, I guess I have to chalk it up to compartmentalized / contextual thinking ~ the Challenge was a whirl of just checking in on a bunch of threads to see what was going on, and I never even thought about Mr. Tsiaras’ work in that context…in fact, your link to the ‘Dream Anatomy’ site jarred my memory, as I hadn’t thought about his work in a while, though I would like to buy his book at some point ~ I wish I had thought about it back then, though! It’s quite cool how interested you are in medical illustration / 3D work ~ you should check out this cool book, which I think you would really like:

    "Encyclopaedia Anatomica - Museo La Specola Florence" - Taschen, publisher. Will try to find the link, but right now Amazon is showing some other book when I type in that title. :D

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Agree with you, Redelhert is very talentuous… his traditional sketches are incredibles… :thumbsup:
(no spam… only my opinion :scream: hahaha)


Lolo, Rebecca - how nice to have you here! :slight_smile:

There’s soming in ZB that I reall like - the possibility to work on different levels of polygons at the same time. Sometimes it’s easier to correct a mistak on a more basic level.
Right now I’m working on her left arm … looks very much like some kind of vegetable right now… any pointers as how I could solve it?

Comment: I’m planning to do just the torso here and only do the front ( have I said already that I’m lazy?)
The right lower arm and hand will be made as a separate object and added later



I’ve only used ZBrush in a limited capacity, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with starting out in Max or whichever 3D package one uses before going into ZBrush :smiley: ~ in fact, that’s what it’s designed to do, and it can make things a lot faster. :slight_smile:

I think the main thing that I would say (as a novice at ZBrush, mind you) is to more fully sculpt your figure in Max first if that is the procedure which you wish to follow. ZSpheres have their limits, and once you start to pull things out / etc. for fingers / toes, it can be really tricky ~ so I recommend doing the equivalent of a low poly figure, with fingers / toes / all the major forms simplified as in a low~poly model in Max before bringing it into ZBrush to more fully detail / sculpt.

My suggestion is to draw on paper the basic box forms of the figure, and using the original image as Reference, as well as Anatomy images from books / online. Imagine what the major muscle forms would be simplified as in terms of cylinders and boxes, and perhaps sketch these out, just as you would do in any orthographic drawing. As you know from your extensive 3D experience, the more organized you are at the beginning, the better the result. :slight_smile: Bear in mind this is all coming from someone with far less 3D experience than you, but I hope this is a little bit helpful. :slight_smile:




Yes… it’s maybe your basic max model which is too much simple… you can work intuitively in Zb… but you certainly must have precise reference to work better…
Very little experience in ZB for me… but with our traditional 3d methods, it’s not very easy to find our marks, to modify easily proportions in this software. I’m okay with Beckie thoughts…

btw… I’m always speechless… this girl speak english very well and post so fast… incredible :scream: hahahaha


btw… I’m always speechless… this girl speak english very well and post so fast… incredible :scream: hahahaha

I think both of you guys speak English well and post fast ~ :smiley: ~ I’m always amazed by you Europeans who know 2 or more languages and go back and forth with ease. :smiley: Wish I could do the same. :frowning:

Cheers, :slight_smile:

~Rk language skills limited :scream:


Rebecca, Laurent - yes, thanks! I really need to work on the understanding of the shapes to make it work. I guess I’m just to eager to jump into the gory parts.
To draw the basics is a good advice and certainly I need more and better reference that the Botticelli for this.
I also think that’s working only on the frontal part makes it more difficult - even if I plan to use it frontally… I probably start working on the backside as well.

This will be very much trial and error for me with finding a workflow in ZB. I had planned to do all the tutorials before getting started but couldn’t stop myself from jumping into this … no doubt I will discover more things I’ve made in the wrong way as I go - but hey, that’s what holidays are for - right? :smiley:

I have to say - I think you both are great speakers and fast posters regardless of language :wink: