Anatomy Thread of Cristóbal Aparicio


London’s Sketchbook p.2:

 Second page: leg´s studies and a face for  Harry Haller, protagonist of Hermann Hesse´s novel [i]"Der Steppenwolf".



London’s Sketchbook p.3:

   Third page: Zeysing proportions for the ideal human body.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.4:

    Fourth page: Anatomy study and my own Art´s definition.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.5:

     Fifth page: Body study and quotes.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.6:

      Sixth page: Female body studies and a devil playing the violin.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.7:

       Seventh page: Anatomy study and reflexions.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.8:

        Eighth page: Bad feelings.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.9:

         Ninth page: Centaur anatomy.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.10:

          Tenth page: More funny characters.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.11:

           Eleventh page: Centaur and minotaur.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.12:

            Twelfth page: Bad day and female study.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.13:

             Thirteenth page: The man under oppressive circumstances.[i]



London’s Sketchbook p.14:

              Fourteenth page: First sketch for a picture.


London’s Sketchbook p.15:

               Fifteenth page: Did you read "The Clan of the Cave Bear"? (Jean M. Auel). Here is one of the novel´s character: Brun. I did him drawing first a neandertal skeleton and over it the final look.


London’s Sketchbook p.16:

                 Sixteenth page: Sometimes there are people who don´t know the dangerous consequences of their stupid acts.


London’s Sketchbook p.17:

                 Seventeenth page: Face study an a golem.


London’s Sketchbook p.18:

                  Final page: feeling released.


According the old Israeli mithology, the se’irim was a group of demons who lived in the desert (that´s why it’s a desert, if were angels who lived there, it would be some like a beauty garden).

Years ago, I read about this and liked that name, so, I take it for my nick and web´s name.

Here is one of my own version of a se’irim:


Several studies for a sculpture: bone structure, front and sides.


Same scupture: anatomy study, also front and sides.