Anatomy Thread of Corvax - 2D/3D


fun with monsters:

[left]and a wip of “The Burger King”:


[left]cheers David :slight_smile:



Hehe, these are great! :slight_smile: Love the development on the Burger King, hope to see that one finished.


those are just awesome - especially love the bespectacled critter :slight_smile:


thanks guys - more monster fun:



WOW! Awesome paintings, David!!:thumbsup:


thanks anandpg

last update tonight:



Wow, those monster are amazing( the second one the best for me ). Great style and design…cool…COOL:bowdown: .

Keep inspiring us:thumbsup: .



Okay so this here’s today’s update.

[left]- David.


… what a great staff here!
hi david, great sketches - and I love your monsters illustrations!
really good skills - pleasure to look at :slight_smile:


damn fine speciment :smiley: Love your work!:buttrock:


Gorgeous sunrise monster!! Other than the wonderful painterly look that I already love, I really like the way you shaded the toes on his right foot. I’m not sure why.

How long do you work on the typical piece every day?


Wow very nice! I like that style, sketchy yet still polished almost. Keep up the great work!


thanks for the kind replies everyone.:slight_smile:

magtataho: it all depends on my schedule, but normally I can squeeze two or three hours a day to paint on my own stuff.

I didn’t have too much time to paint today so I’ll post a quick sketch and a shot of some of the details on the face and upper body of the monster painting.



great new stuff here! very inspiring work again and again :thumbsup:


I still don’t have a whole lot of time to paint… but I did managed to put in and hour or so today - not a major update but this part of the rendering is always kind of slow, I should be able to finish this one up this weekend thou.



Lovely paintings. I like the coloured drawings very much,… a little Albrecht Durer,… one of my favorites :cool:

Cheerio Chris


Great character studies . . . I like this last one very much, can’t wait to see this finished. :bounce:


I didn’t quite make my deadline of this weekend … but here is the final result - so fare, I’ll revisit it for revisions in a week or so - hope you like it :slight_smile:



Wow! A well done character and great painting. :thumbsup:


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