Anatomy Thread of BNN


Um hi, I’m BNN.

Been lingering in this forum in a long time but new to posting.

Was hesitating to create such a thread due to my inborn laziness but I was greatly inspired by the guy who had a thread "Journey of an Absolute Rookie" in

Hence I decided to push myself further and stop staying in this comfort zone.

Been drawing for around almost 4 years. Oh and I just turned 18 this June.
I am now a Year 2 student in my local polytechnic focusing on animation.
Most of my skills (if i have) are self taught and referenced from internet or books.

Been using Andrew Loomis’ anatomical teachings for sometime and now to Bridgman for a change.

Please knock me down hard if I don’t update this thread regularly!

Arm Studies (Bridgman Reference)

note: anyway, more to come since i still have some studies not scanned yet.



Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

The main thing I would recommend as you are pre~university is to focus on work using Traditional Media. Most art schools primarily look for Traditional work (Drawing / Painting) in an entrance Portfolio. Do you have an art advisor of any kind? It would help me to know a bit more about what your plans are and what the requirements are of the schools to which you will be applying. :slight_smile:




Hi Rebeccak

Nope I do not have any art advisor.
Actually I do not have a plan of whether to further my studies or not.

But if I do have a chance to further my studies I’m very interested to go for Sheridan College.
(And if that’s possible it’ll only be in another 3-4 years time? After I finish National Service)


character for my upcoming animation assignment

poses from Bridgman

failed torso study… from Bridgman

i guess it’s better to do the studies on paper.
Kinda distracting to do it with computer uh…

Ok off to do my animation project =]


WIP of a female head i’m modelling for my assignment.

This is the 3rd (2nd proper) head i’m working on for now.
Some views and wire.



Lovely work so far on this! :applause:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Heh thanks =D

I’ll work on more!

Anyway I’ll be getting Burne Hogarth’s book tomorrow! Yay!

Hope to drill more anatomy knowledge into myself!


Ok arm study with reference to hogarth

Not very accurate and it’s done on used paper (didn’t want to waste the stack of single sided prints)

Gonna redo pretty soon!

Going for life drawing class tomorrow, heard that the lecturer’s very good!
Hope to post some drawings from the class =]



I really like this recent drawing ~ hope to see many more like it! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Very lovely drawing. As for the model its a bit early to crit, looks pretty decent so far. The nose may be off, but its hard to tell since the head isn’t complete yet. Once the ears are on and the whole head is formed than its easier to check what is off on the model.


Thanks Rebeccak =D I’ll do my best to work more!

Womball, thanks for replying my thread and the compliments =]
As for the nose I think it’s ok? I’m doing an asian by the way =]

Ok yesterday’s drawing session was very fruitful.
Discovered my weakness actually but I think it can be improved.

Realised that my proportion (Especially the head) goes haywire when i’m drawing big.
The lecturer says I just need to practise more to get used to it. He’s a very nice and friendly guy =D

Here’s the pics

Gestures (1 and 2 minute poses)


Gesture 2


Longer drawings (ranging 15-30 minutes)


Yea as you all can see in the longer drawings, a lot of the proportions especially at the head area is pretty haywired

So i tried to do another 5 minute gesture to see if it’s better

The head is terribly wrong I felt, couldn’t take it so yea that’s how the gesture came.

I think it’s still pretty haywired but i prefer the flow and quality of the lines here.

After drawing these 2 pics i consulted my lecturer. He asked me to do some measurement and checking before laying the stronger strokes. I tried and it seemed better. (I think it’s in one of the longer drawings or gesture)

By the way the pictures are not in chronological order.
These are only I guess about 1/3 of what i drew yesterday. (yea the rest is pretty much crappy…)
6 hours worth of life drawing rocks!

Anyway… pardon me if I sound unfriendly or stiff, I’m still not very used to posting in an international forum. =D



Great collection here! :slight_smile: It’s always rewarding to draw for a long period, it really does take that long to sort of get into the groove and understand a direction. Definitely looking forward to following your progress with these! :thumbsup:




Didn’t have time to do much drawing.

This was done after lunch with friends as we sat outside the area facing the sea

Mostly done in 2-3 minutes

Pardon me with the messiness!

More to come soon =D
Especially Burne Hogarth’s studies. Man he totally rocks, I thought his drawings were pretty too exaggerated until I see his figure drawing book. That blew me away with his teachings!

And I realised that my order of sketching is same as what he mentioned XD



Keep doing those studies from life…make it a habit to keep that notebook at your side always.
Get in the habit of expressing your thoughts and feelings, both visually, and verbally in that notebook…make it your book of ideas for future paintings…start seeing the world around you in
those terms…carry a little picture matt or picture frame in your notebook, so you can hold it
up and frame the scene you are decribeing, before and during the time you decribe it,…this will train your memory
and your minds eye to see in terms of composition.
Most of your outdoor figures in that resent batch are well proportioned…you might try using
a ball point pen when doing these quick gestures…block in the figures very lightly, and then
consentrate on the curves on the inside and outside of the figures…also look for shadows,
and vary your line thickness according to lighted and darkened areas on the figure, and
points of stress ect…Always be thinking of composition…a well drawn figure is less, if it is
not composed on the page with some forthought.
Keep studying Burne Hogarth, doing other master copies,drawing from life as you are doing, and it will be impossible for you to not get the resules you are seeking.
Hope these words are of some help to you…:slight_smile:
Really enjoying your thread so far, and am looking forward to seeing more of your drawings…:thumbsup:



Hey SpiritDreamer,

thanks for these precious advices man! I will keep working =D



Good to see more studies! Another artist you should definitely check out is Glenn Vilppu. His website is here:

I have his Drawing Manual, and it is quite good. He also sells a number of DVDs, which razz has been copying from in his Anatomy Thread.

Anatomy Thread of razz

He has been doing Hogarth studies as well, so you guys should definitely talk! :slight_smile:




Hey thanks for the recommendation!

I’ve been looking for Vilppu’s stuff too! But it seems that I can’t find it in my local stores =[
I can’t purchase stuff via the net too…

Shall seek my lecturer I guess…

Checking out razz’s stuff in a minute!

Doodles and studies for today: