Anatomy Thread of Argon18



I made these in zbrush about 1 or 2 hours each. Altho I may spend 3 more hours on each one but I cant take them to the next level.

If you could advise me…


zbrush 2h

4h im lost


zbrush, 1h45m, no reference.


zbrush, 1h 40m, no reference.

I cant get the outer corner of the eye right. It seems I always do same shape there.


Nice studies. I suggest grabbing screenshots from movies and using them as reference. They have good lighting, and you can get a lot from them. I know you want to get good without references, but using them is the key.

If you get like 100 images, we can always exchange.
Oh yes, and use eyes as a separate model, it helps a lot.
Also studying bones first is a common practice. Though it takes some time, then you will be much more sure what’s going on.


Thank you mister3d, I have to try the movie screenshot tip.
Im working on the anatomy with some books but it comes at a slow peace :banghead:

Zbrush, with reference, (around 6 hours not sure)
I have grey out the parts I havent work on.

Zbrush, no reference, 3 hours


Nice studies! I especially like the back and the chest with arms.
Try to get more into zbrush, using such brushes, as claytubes (for a fast but precise modeling), displace (for soft deformations with low intensity), pinch with its modifier (for making more defined shapes. Try experimenting with its modifier parameter). Also, try working closer when you’re making smaller details. It’s hard to understand how the muscle goes until you understand where it starts and ends, it helps a lot. Looks for Bammes books for references, his books have very good structure references.
I usually use basic material. It allows you to adjust the lighting, which is not possible with this material, and in general this one it not so good for modeling at all in my opinion.


Thank you mister3d. I have been working with clay tubes lately but I cant get rid of that brushed texture they leave. Maybe is just what you said about working closer for the details.
Altho its hard to get into the detail phase when Im never satisfied with the proportions one. (if that makes sense)

Torso studies

Head fun


Studies look very good! Try working on the lowest subdivision level (and up when you feel polygons are not enough), this way you will get rid of bumpiness.


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