Anatomy Thread of Anand - 2D/3D



Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for shareing…:slight_smile:
Your step by steps are a really big help to me,…gives me a better idea of how to use those
Z sphere’s…proportions ect.
I am fairly new to Z BRUSH, and totally new to Z sphere’s…just now working on my first model using them…Looking at your’s, , I can now see how and where I can make improvements on my next try…so THANK YOU…:thumbsup:
By the way…I think your work is FANTASTIC…VERY INSPIRING…:bounce: :slight_smile:



Amazing pieces of 3d work. Really inspires me to try and sculpt something. Looking great! And I do like the drawing of the girls body, although the hand looks too big. Keep up the outstanding work! :bounce:


Hi Glenn… nice to know my images helped. thanks for the nice words.

Razz… thanks for the kind words… yes, the the arm is a bit large… Actually I started with studying the arm and drew the torso as an afterthought… so it went out of proportion!

Here is one more sculpt… again after Michelangelo


my sketch for the sculpt:


hey anand!

looks really good. gotta try it out some day.
do you always start with zspheres?



Thanks, Abyss…
I usually start off with maya… I am able to structure my mesh better in Maya. ZSpheres are better for quick jobs like this, but they dont always give a clean mesh. You will need to clean it up a bit in Maya.


Hi anand,

Allow me to convey my sincere wishes for all the work you had posted here yet. More over I should say "Some of them are still there who really flow, admire The master - Michelegelo. "I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free." Giving life to a stone or a mesh is not a simple thing. 

Now its the time to start modelling again after a long long time… For atleast to post in this thread… So i am starting of with a WIP portait of a girl Drawn in Photoshop with mouse.

Eagerly awating to see more completed works from the master.

  • Sivan


Hi Sivan!
Welcome! Great start on the portrait… I think you should start your own sketching thread and continue posting your work regularly… Eager to see the girl’s face finished!:bounce:


Hey bro - thanks for stopping by my thread. Your work is great!
Ive been saying to a few people lately that ive jus started playing around with zbrush…
its great to see someone else pushing and at a very accomplished level on these anatomy challenges. maybe i should try a torso… :slight_smile:
consider ur thread watched :wink:

edit: man that study for a nude is awesome man!
hehe the arnold sketches. I jus watched pumping iron myself. It inspired me to join a gym and get my fitness up (not on the steroids tho, i dont think ill try for mr olympia :wink: )


Hi Matty!

Thanks for dropping in. Yeah… I think you should start doing torsos in ZBrush, too… Its fun!!



Really awesome work here! This is my first time looking through your thread and I’m very impressed :thumbsup:! Your drawings are really great and your sculpture is amazing. I don’t work in 3D myself, and have actually gotten some very useful insight into how it’s produced from your thread. Thanks for not only sharing your wonderful work, but also for giving us a glimpse into the process behind it.

Cheers :beer:!

BTW, I agree that the “Pumping Iron” studies are very cool…


Hi Myku!!
Thanks for dropping in… I am glad you like the models…:)!

Here is one more…
after Carvaggio’s “Amour Victorious”

I thought this one would be easy, but I realised that mighty muscle-men are easier to sculpt than infants! I spent quite a few hours on it, and still haven’t got it quite right.


here is the sketch for the next one… I started sculpting it yesterday, but didnt get very far…
after Michelangelo’s
Study for the Libian Sybil


pretty darn sweet sculpting here! and sketchign :slight_smile:
makes me feel bad I can’t sculpt in zbrush from the z-sphere… :confused: must see to that…


Gorgeous work here anandpg - keep inspiring! :slight_smile:




impressive works. that armor victorious piece looks amazing. :bounce:


Hi Intervain! Thanks for dropping in…

Thanks Rebecca… I will keep trying my best.:slight_smile:

thanks, Salubri3i… amour victorious is the one I spent most time on… i find it real hard to sculpt kids because they are so flexible and their surface anatomy is so volatile. … so glad it came out ok. I think I need to spend some time sketching kids.


Hi…Anan…:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Can’t get over how well you depict those figures in Z BRUSH…AMAZEING…GREAT preleminary drawing studies also…FANTASTIC job, I think …on that Carvaggio…really has that youthful muscle tone and appearance about it…:thumbsup:
Thanks for taking the time out to stop by my thread, and for the sound advice… about combining Z BRUSH with another 3d software package to get the maximum effect.:slight_smile:
BABY STEPS for me at the moment:scream: …barely able to comprehend Z BRUSH right now…another
software will shortcircuit my brain for sure I think…LOL…:eek:
Was wondering if you had any tips for doing the hands,…mostly the fingers, using those z sphere’s…do you have to make a seperate little sphere and joint for each digit of the fingers…?
I had trouble in that area on the z sphere figure that I just did…couldn’t figure out how to
isolate just the hand area and just sub devide that one area for refinement, without sub deviding the whole figure…:shrug:
Anyway, mainly just wanted to thank you for the inspiraton…THANK YOU…:thumbsup:

P.S…Can’t wat to see that libian sybil…one of my favorite figures of his…:slight_smile:


I’m really amazed by your ability to sculpt human figure when having only one reference image and make it so real looking, very close to he ref. And the sketches are very nice too! You know both, 2d and 3d, and you know that’s an awesome thing!

Keep rocking :bounce:


Hi Glenn… I will try to answer your query about the hand later today in your thread.

Thanks, razz… I dont think I am much good in 2D… I just use drawing as an aid to understand the forms I want to sculpt. I read in Irving Stone’s “The Agony and The Ecstacy” that Bertoldo, Michelangelo’s teacher, once told him: “Drawing is the candle the sculptor can light up, so that he does not have to grope in darkness”. I think that says all thats to be said about the importance of drawing!


The level of detail in your models ia awe-inspiring.:thumbsup: Totaly mind boggling, I love it. Great sketches as well, anandpg. Look forward to seeing more of your models.