Anatomy Thread of Anand - 2D/3D


This guy is insane and out of this world. If U ask me :buttrock: he’s an perfectionist.


Thanks a lot for the kind words, people! :love:
These are the final zbrush renders of Chet Baker… I promise I won’t do anymore updates on this!:blush: I have a bunch of unfinished models lined up anyways! :slight_smile:


:eek: OMG! THIS IS AWESOME! n not to forget INSANELY detailed… :applause: great work as always :bowdown:and did I mentinon it’s INSANELY AWESOME! :eek: … WOW juz Wow…


such a love for details, beautiful work! Really expressive!


Great update! looking forward to see the next one from you soon :applause: :beer:


And that’s an understatement :wink:


wow…i love it…excellent sculpt…and the light setup also sets the mood perfect…


very cool! :buttrock:


OH WOW! That is an amazing piece. Mr. Mu and I have been discussing sculptures and he recommended I seek some advice from you and Intervain. I have started my first clay sculpture. I am having fun with it but I am a perfectionist… like you I see. I could use the advice. Thanks.


Happy birthday, mate! Wish you all the best, especially with your art :slight_smile:


Phenomenal work! I’ve set your standard as the standard to aim for. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently started my own sketchbook thread and I would be hugely grateful if you could pop by and give me some feedback and tips on my anatomical studies. :slight_smile:


I’m back…! :blush:
Sorry for the long absence, people… been busy at work.
Thanks a lot, Prahlad, Murat, Sivan, Johan, Jaisan and Juan!
Nice work on your thread, Davey! Any updates on that model you started?
Thanks, Razz!
Thanks for the kind words, Carl! I will check out your thread soon. To make your thread more easily accessible, you could include a link to it in your signature.
Started sculpting the portrait of my colleague and good friend… (I am so glad to be sculpting again! :slight_smile: )


hey! Nice to see you back after a very long time… :applause: Welcome aboard! :beer:


Hi nice to see you back after a long time,Nice sculpt:thumbsup: ur works r always inspiring.


Hey Anand, how are you?

Hope all is well and you still have time to be creative :slight_smile:


Wow the jazz player is stunning!


Nice to see your work, again.
Beautiful scuplt!


OMG! i recognized Shweta.! That is a beautiful portrait! :wip: Go on master Jedi may the force be with you!.. :bowdown:


Hey Anand.:wavey: .I was beginning to think that you got lost…LOL:D Welcome Back…:applause: :thumbsup:
Hope all is well with you and yours,… and really looking forward to seeing more of your great work…Always an Inspiration.:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


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