Anatomy Thread of Anand - 2D/3D


Hey Alex, Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, Johan! I am so glad to be sculpting again! :slight_smile:
Hey Sabith! Thanks, buddy!
Hey Tomasz… Thanks!

A tiny update: A watch for Chet. :slight_smile:


WOW!, I really loved your models, I wish I could model like you. You are very skilled. Your work of Michelangelo’s sculptures is awesome! I love all those tiny details.

I would like to ask you if Zbrush demands you to have a really good anatomy knowlegde to be able to model like that. I would like to master Zbrush someday, I want to ask: Is it difficult to use?

I congratulate you!

best regards,



Hey Matias,
Thanks a lot for the kind words!
Zbrush is very intuitive and easy to use. Once you get past the base-mesh, it is almost the same as working in clay, in my opinion… maybe a little easier. :slight_smile: Yes, a certain amount of anatomy knowledge is helpful, supported by a fair amount of life-study. Regular figure-sketching will go a long way in helping you sculpt comfortably using Zbrush, IMO. :slight_smile:


fantastic work Anand! I can appreciate all the work that went into the detailing. Congrats on a nice piece to your collection. :slight_smile:


thanks for the advise and explanation,

keep going!



wow…supercool…wonder if u are still going to push up the level of detail…hehe…nice going sir…:applause:


Finally Chet got a wrist watch too… Are you working on something more on Cheta… Love to see him textured and well placed in a limelight… :smiley: Looking forward…


Man, looking at this again, the amount of detail is insane!
How many hours work is a sculpt like that?


DAMN !! That Chet Baker sculpt looks so real !! Amazing works Anand ! Hats of to your dedication :buttrock:

Keep inspiring !


I would like to make a question about Zbrush since there is no doubt that you master it.

In your experience, do you think the graphic geometric tools of Zbrush can help me to better understand human figure volume and planes? In other words, is Zbrush helpful to understand how to draw the figure from any angle? Is it also helpful to understand lighting and cast shadows?

Thanks in advance,



This guy is insane and out of this world. If U ask me :buttrock: he’s an perfectionist.


Thanks a lot for the kind words, people! :love:
These are the final zbrush renders of Chet Baker… I promise I won’t do anymore updates on this!:blush: I have a bunch of unfinished models lined up anyways! :slight_smile:


:eek: OMG! THIS IS AWESOME! n not to forget INSANELY detailed… :applause: great work as always :bowdown:and did I mentinon it’s INSANELY AWESOME! :eek: … WOW juz Wow…


such a love for details, beautiful work! Really expressive!


Great update! looking forward to see the next one from you soon :applause: :beer:


And that’s an understatement :wink:


wow…i love it…excellent sculpt…and the light setup also sets the mood perfect…


very cool! :buttrock:


OH WOW! That is an amazing piece. Mr. Mu and I have been discussing sculptures and he recommended I seek some advice from you and Intervain. I have started my first clay sculpture. I am having fun with it but I am a perfectionist… like you I see. I could use the advice. Thanks.


Happy birthday, mate! Wish you all the best, especially with your art :slight_smile: