Anatomy Thread of Anand - 2D/3D


I personally think that this sculpture was based on the study of male models. Perhaps women models were very scarce in those days.

After AMMANATI, Bartolomeo



Welcome. :slight_smile: Nice to see your model here - I agree that Michelangelo was likely working based from a male model. Are you aiming to refine this piece, or to go for 10-15 torsos? Either is of course fine with me. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more of your work. If you could tell us something about your art training / background, that would be helpful.




Hi Rebecca! and hi all!
I think I will try and complete as many as possible, hopefully 10-15 so that I get as much sculpting practice as I can get. Later on I plan to try and refine all of them one by one, and perhaps work on the whole body, limbs and all.
As for background info, I am a sculptor-turned-3d modeler. I did my BFA in sculpture at the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, Kerala. I work on Maya and Zbrush. Great work, every body… Its just awesome to see so many good artists working together in such good spirit!
I think its a great idea to learn from the work of the amazing ancient masters.

Cheers to all!!


Great stuff Anand, how do you start on these posed ones? model in t pose rig, pose ,then sculpt or model as is.




GREAT sculpture…lookinging forward to seeing more of your work…:slight_smile:


Hi Anand. Great model there. How long did this take? I can’t wait to see more from you. It makes me want to get back into MAX an crunch some stuff out heh. MORE!


Hi Guys!
thanks for the encouragement. I was hoping to post atleast one a day, but I got so overloaded with work at the studio, I barely had time to cook my dinner. Hopefully, I will take off early today and sculpt something to post here. btw, great work, guys… its so inspiring just to look at your threads.

As to Siju’s question, I usually make my basic cage in Maya, rig and pose it and then export to ZBrush for sculpting. anyway, here, as it was going to be a quickie, I made the mesh and posed it with ZSheres in ZBrush, using Maya just to correct the mesh-flow a little bit and went on from there. It took close to 1 and a half hours with 2 beers to keep up the flow… hehe…:smiley:



Man!..male torsos are hard!! I love Michelangelo, though… his studies are so sincere and nobody ever carved marble with so much passion as him, excepting Bernini, perhaps. btw, could somebody tell me how to paste images directly on the message instead of displaying thumbnails?


one more angle


Great work one the torso, man! Nice model. Done very well considering that you had only one ref for it.

Use to upload images. And to display it here.

Looking forward to more!


hey Anand!

beautifull sculpts. really impressive.
can you post a pict of the base?



Superb stuff as i thought :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see more !!

btw hope u r doing great…hows work going? :slight_smile:


Amazing work here. I tried some 3D modelling myself but i’m nowhere coming near those results. It’s very interesting to see your workflow in the master and servant thread as well.

Keep on posting.



cool posts!


Here is one after the Palestrina Pietà by Michelangelo…

thanks for the help, razz… I hope this shows up…hehe…

here’s one with some perspective distortion:

the process:

ZSperes in Zbrush



You’re posting your work in someone else’s Anatomy Thread - would you like to create your own? Then I can remove your posts. :slight_smile:

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Cheers, :slight_smile:



I took some liberties with the pose… hope its not too bad…

I think this sculpture was done rather late in Michelangelo’s life… Looking at it, I am persuaded that the great master was at the peak of his sculpting prowess and his knowledge of anatomy towards the end of his life… maybe he just lacked the stamina to carve marble for 20hrs a day as he did in his younger days… anyway, i think this piece shows much more insight and maturity than any of his earlier work, though it is incomplete.


another sculpt coming up…



Here is my 4th sculpt for ‘Torso’
after “Study for a Nude” by Michelangelo



I bought a scanner, so I can post my sketches too!!

from the video “Pumping Iron”

after “Truth Unvieled” by Gianlorenzo Bernini