Anatomy Study


latest update :


Your mesh is impressive.
And details are nice.

The first thing I noticed was the bulges just below the lower lip, going towards the corner of the mouth. These look somewhat odd.
Second thing I noticed was the edge where the nose joins the cheeks, from eye corner to the smile wrinkle. It is too straight and sharp.

Perhaps you need to extend the brow outwards a little, it ends too soon.


thanks for your comments :wink:

I’m not happy with the bulges under the mouth either, I wanted this muscle to be very apparent, it makes the face look even more toughguy-ish but it’s really hard to get it right…

for the nose, good comment I’ll work on it thanks
that’s the kind of things that is hard to notice when you spend too much time on the same model…

I haven’t worked a lot on the brows and forehead, so I’m gonna spend some more time on it soon, that will be the next update


hopefully they were useful… [the comments]

Originally posted by Spiff
that’s the kind of things that is hard to notice when you spend too much time on the same model…

thats true…
whenever I feel such thing is happening to me…I take a day’s break…if possible.
but what I usually do is … take the render to photoshop, invert it upside down, and then rightside left, ie verticle and horizontal flips…
…the anomalies sometimes…just pop up :]


but what I usually do is … take the render to photoshop, invert it upside down, and then rightside left, ie verticle and horizontal flips…

oh yeah that’s a good trick, especially usefull on drawings (putting the sheet on the window to see it reversed…)


Much better I’m sure.
Check the size of iris, looks big to me…or is it bcoz of white color, we are so used to see it in darker shades.
You also need cornea, so that side view of eye shows a nice round curve.

Now you are entering the ear…best of luck !!


this is one of the better heads i’ve seen on the critique forum. i photoshopped your picture and gave you some advice on the nose. take a look at your own nose for reference and see how the bottoms of the wings (or the ridge right underneath the nostril) juts out more than you have it on your guy here. also you should bring the septum down a lot more and widen it a little. just a few minor adjustments and the nose will look much more convincing. the profile needs a lot more work…one major thing is to bring the forehead back and angle it slightly. give your guy a brow ridge. it’ll make him look a lot more unfriendly =p. soften the transition where the cheek plane hits the side of the nose. one thing i didn’t add on the picture is to angle the eyelids more (in profile view). the top eyelid is always farther in front than the bottom eyelid. oh…and the muscles under the lips are fantastic! great muscle detail. one of the better mouths i’ve seen on here lately.


hey atomjack!
Your post gave me the motivation to work on my model… couldn’t wait for tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for taking the time to overpaint my image, it helped me a lot !


looks much better! the profile is a lot more realistic now. the nose and septum could still use a little bit more tweaking as you mentioned, but you are on the right track. keep us posted on your progress. it’s turning into a very nice model!


next update :


the ear : (still needs some work)


I fixed some proportions and muscular issues here and there
I’m so pissed I have no time to work more on it, too much work … :frowning:

so here it is :

I think I’m finally done with the mouth area and the overall shape of the head.
next, I’ll work on the eyes and forehead area then that damn nose!!


I’m taking a break on the head now,
let’s start working on the body …
I’ll go back to the head later, maybe after the whole body is finished, It will help me giving personnality to the whole character.

So the idea of the body is obviously to be a really massive and muscular body, to fit with the head.
I’m roughing out the overall shape for now, I’ll get into details later…
couldn’t resist starting modeling the back in details :wink:

here it is :


dude, your work is coming a long great. No crit.


thanks :slight_smile:
don’t hesitate to tell me if something wrong catches your eye


:thumbsup: Great Work Man ! :buttrock:


Please continue towork on this guy.
Post wires if you can…


thanks to give interest to my work :wink:
here’s a small update I haven’t got much time for it yet.

I’m working on the proportions now to give some personnality to the character
the back has been quite entirely redone too…

I’ve got only one wire shot on my pc… I’ll do others later…

advices are welcome ! :slight_smile:


Kinda looks like the governor of California, Mr. Arnold.

I think the pelvis is a little high but for a short character that would be alright.
Do you plan to rig him?


Nice model, thou he looks a bit ape-like now, because of the full stomach and neck. I’ve made an example of what I mean here - sry bout the butchering :stuck_out_tongue: