Anatomy Studies and Demos by Gist


Here are some demonstrations from a couple of anatomy classes I have taught

 from Bridgman


Hey Erik,

This stuff is awesome! Typically demos go in the Workshops & Tutorials Forum - would you mind very much if I moved your thread?

Definitely looking forward to more - beautiful drawings! :slight_smile:


Rebecca- I don’t mind at all, I just didn’t know how instructional these were by themselves. I saw them more as just samples of my work.


Erik, alternately, I am happy to move your thread to the Personal Anatomy and Sketchbook forum - it’s completely up to you. :slight_smile: The sketchbook forum is more for people who are working on building their skills, and less for those who are at the teaching level like yourself (though there are notable exceptions like DoctorBone who runs the TSofa forums, and there are tons of talented folks who post regularly); that being said, if you were to update your thread with even a bit of regularity, you’d probably have more visibility - more interaction seems to take place in the Personal Anatomy and Sketchbook forum than anywhere else (apart from specific active Workshop threads). It’s totally up to you - either way, we’re happy to have you aboard. :slight_smile:

Btw, I like that in your drawings there is a bit of Fechin influence. I also was fortunate enough to have had one of Steve Huston’s classes back in the day when Associates in Art was still open. He was a fantastic teacher - I noticed he was a part of your recommended reading list as well. It’s too bad he’s moved to Montana. :slight_smile:


That sounds better lets do that. Just as I was starting to study with Steve Huston He moved, he still comes back to teach a workshop like twice a year, but it usually conflicts with my schedule.


Okay, very cool, I’ve moved your thread and made it a Sticky in the Sketchbook area. Definitely a good example to have around. :slight_smile:

Steve did Workshops I believe at Bob Kato’s and now I think at another artist’s studio whose name I forget. I’d love to catch his demos again but they’re pretty pricey for only a few days. So I suppose I was lucky to catch him when I did - I think I may have a demo drawing or two of his lying around somewhere.

EDIT: I’ve also sent out a notification here. I definitely think interested people will be subscribing here to your thread.


DUhhhhhhhhhhh! Duh Duh, diirrr dirr. Um wow! I say this is going to get 5 stars quickly. A new favorite for me, including aztfireflower and detective kimbal when she isn’t going super charcoally. More more more!


Beautiful work…will look forward to future updates!


Thanks everyone,
I will try to use this as a place to post a selection of each weeks demonstrations from my classes


This is really great :smiley:



damn,… where is the “flabbergasted with awe and joy”-smiley when you need it?!




Ha, Mu, the first word that came to my head was the same - “damn”, and then I could go on saying other stuff.

Well, I’ll be waiting for more stuff from you, Gist. Very inspiring, to say the least. And inspiration is always a good thing.


same here! Though my wording was a bit stronger :wink: I think I’m in love with that drawing of the back!!


Erik, I really am enjoying your postings. I believe I had the joy of attending a desmonstration on portrait drawing at Comic-Con some time ago. Thanks for sharing your work. Just a note, your links in your signature need fixing.


Amazing stuff.


I had a look at your website and it seems this is just a tip of the iceberg!
Your 2hr studies almost literally floored me!

Thanks for sharing!


Awesome… awesome!!!..:bowdown:… Thanks for sharing!!


I see nothing!! And from the comments, I’ll commit Sepuku(sp) if I dont see the images soon. :smiley:


Thanks everyone you are all very flattering, I see that most of you are from countries other than the US, that is what is so great about these forums. I mentioned this in my other thread I hope some of you can make it to San Diego Comic Con in July, it would be great to meet you, or as I also said those of you in the So Cal area stop be Watts Atelier for a visit, more times than not I am there.

As far as the images if they are still not showing up PM me because I can see them.


That would make this thread a great resource - definitely looking forward to your posts.