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      (Click book titles to be taken to their particular page on - you don't have to buy from them, but you can see what the cover looks like, etc. and compare prices)

     ["Albinus on Anatomy"](, by Robert Beverly Hale and Terence Coyle - Dover Publications, publisher
     ["Artistic Anatomy"](, by Dr. Paul Richer - Watson Guptill, publisher
     ["Anatomy Lessons From The Great Masters"](, by Robert Beverly Hale and Terence Coyle - Watson Guptill, publisher
     ["Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist"](, by Stephen Rogers Peck - Oxford University Press, publisher
     ["An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists"](, by Fritz Schider - Dover Publications, publisher
     ["Anatomy for the Artist"](, by Jeno Barcsay - Barnes & Noble Books, publisher
     ["Human Anatomy for Artists - The Elements of Form"](, by Eliot Goldfinger - Oxford University Press, publisher
     ["Master Class in Figure Drawing"](, by Robert Beverly Hale - Watson Guptill, publisher
     ["Figure Drawing For All It's Worth"](, by Andrew Loomis - Viking Press (out of print)
     ["Dynamic Anatomy"](, by Burne Hogarth - Watson Guptill, publisher[](
     ["The Human Machine: The Anatomical Structure and Mechanism of the Human Body"](, by George Bridgeman - Dover, publisher
     ["]([High-Focus Drawing - A Revolutionary Approach to Drawing the Figure", by James McMullan - Overlook Press, publisher](
    ["The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing"]( by Anthony Ryder (artist).
    Excellent book, and not too expensive! The artist is a traditional artist working in pencil ~ his work is HIGHLY realistic and beautiful. 
  [Anatomy for the Artist (Hardcover)]( by Sarah Simblet, John Davis 
  This books contains beautiful photographs, more so than it does Anatomical instruction. It does contain a few overlays of skeletal drawings etc., but it is worth the money for the excellent professional quality photographs of highly muscled models. 
     []([[b]Entire Master Draughtsman Series of Paperback Books:[/b]](
    Great books because they are cheap, light, and great for copying from, as you will not be concerned about destroying the book ~ they are really instructional devices, more than anything else.
     (to find: run search for "master draughtsman series" on
 EDIT 12/07:[/b]
 [Visualizing Muscles: A New Ecorché Approach to Surface Anatomy (Paperback) by John Cody](
 Fantastic reference featuring photos of a model painted with muscle striations. Great book!!!

EDIT 12/07:


     ["Michelangelo"](, by Bernard Lamarche-Vadel - Chartwell Books, Inc., publisher
     ["Michelangelo And His Drawings"](, by Michael Hirst - Yale University Press
     ["Pontormo"](, by/edited by Salvatore S. Nigro and Marianne Scheider - Schirmer / Mosel, publisher
     ["The Drawings of Rubens"](, Master Draughtsman Series of books - Borden Publishing Company, publisher
     ["The Drawings of Harry Carmean"](, Master Draughtsman Series of books - Borden Publishing Company, publisher
     ["Carmean"](, by June Harwood - Harwood / Carmean, publisher
     [b][u]OF INTEREST:[/u][/b]
     ["Encyclopaedia Anatomica - Museo La Specola Florence"]( Taschen, publisher
    Clearly, you don't need all of these! The best thing to do is hunt a few of the top INSTRUCTIONAL books down online or in the bookstores, and see what you like best.
    So long as the books that you find contain reference including the skeleton in front, back, and side view, as well as the muscular and surface structures in these three views, you should be fine. Often, artists like to have several books on hand, however, as each reference book can offer something unique, even if the same subject matter is covered.
    In terms of books about ARTISTS, everyone should have a book containing Michelangelo's Drawings and Paintings in my opinion! After that, Rubens. After that, Pontormo. These are just my three favorite artists that I drool over. But definitely collect books on artists you love and never loan them! :)
     Hope these are useful!


AmirP suggested the following book:

“Anatomy Drawing School” book by Andras Szunyoghy and Gyorgy Feher, Its a big one :smiley:

Thanks, AmirP! :slight_smile:



i recommend rebbeca k’s books,but they aren’t out yet.



Ah, NOOB! My “secret” book agent on the prowl! :wink:



I would buy all those books If I had some money :smiley:

Books are great… instructional dvd’s are better :smiley: That is why im saving up for Gnomon first :thumbsup:


Yes, “Anatomy for the Artist”, by Jeno Barcsay - Barnes & Noble Books/publisher/-very easy for understending book,very often to use for study in to the artist schools.


Spirit of the Pose isn’t bad.

What do you guys think? Have you seen it?

It’s clear that Gnass has been influenced if not taught by Carmean. Personally, I like the freshness of it as I’ve seen too many people doing too many clean charcoal paintings rather than capturing dynamic gestures. I’m guilty of that myself and I’d like to be leaning back in this direction.


I noticed that Rebecca has a Bridgeman book on her list. There is also a single volume compilation of 7 of his books called “Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life” and it’s almost the same price. I haven’t checked this book out yet, but it’s probably a better buy.



Cool, thanks for that! :slight_smile: I don’t use his books often, but they are very good, particularly for beginners. :slight_smile: Fooxoo mentioned that she has an original edition of one of his books…very cool! :slight_smile:




That is cool. Not just because it is an original but I also read somewhere that the pictures where better in the original books. :buttrock:

Thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile: I’m probably going to pick up the Bridgeman book after I finish Loomis. I’m having fun with Loomis and apparently the two systems are similar, but Bridgeman refines things more. So he seems like a natural next step.



Definitely post your work! As you go along with the books, you may wish to create your own thread, “Anatomy Thread of CBee”. :slight_smile: Then we can all follow your progress ~ I guarantee you will get better with collaborative feedback, as in the Anatomy Reviews! :slight_smile:




Heh, probably a good idea. I think making a commitment to post regularly is also a good way to stay focused. I’ll start a thread soon… just need to clean things up a bit first. :smiley:



No prob. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your thread! :slight_smile:




maybe wrong thread here, but i need some help there.does anyone know P.Peak? the great artist who have draw the poster of “my fair lady”,i really like his drawing, but i have googled it, can’t find his drawing or some website. so, if someone get some link, please tell me,thanks~!



His name was Robert Peak and he died years ago.


thank you very much~~~!!! that’s him~~~!!! i am crazy about his sketch.


totally random…I saw this laminated anatomy chart in a grocery store of all places for 5.95…it’s actually really good reference especially because it’s compact and you can keep it pinned up nearby. it’s also probably very easy to find for many people and affordable.



Thanks for the link!


>>The books at the beginning of this thread are now all linked.

(to ~ though these books I’m sure can be found elsewhere. Check around for cheapest price).<<

Cheers, :slight_smile:



AWESOME…great books rebs and ppl…thought of sharing small collection of “MY PRECIOUSSS” books :slight_smile:

The history of world sculpture and Michelangelo are my fav. though all of them are gr8…a must for analog and digital artists.
sorry i dont have online/amazon links of them though…



Cool, thanks! I’ll have to get that ‘Modeling and Sculpting the Human Figure’ one! :slight_smile: