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                          Originally Posted by [b]M.E.L.: [/b]Just a Disclaimer here heh...I mainly did Character Setup work at all the shops (skinning characters, weighting them, doing cloth stuff, hair rigging etc etc) working with a team ranging from myself and another TD to around 3-5 people on the team. HNA was a bit different as there were tons of people working at once, the trailer itself doesn't have any of my work or the shop I worked for's stuff on it but you get a general idea of the film, characters and whatnot.
Thanks for that! It's great to see this kind of work on the forum. Hopefully will be seeing more! :thumbsup:

BTW, we do also have a few 3D threads here...


Also, Lemog, Gunilla, Zapan, scootermaya, and a few others have 3D Anatomy Threads here as well. 3D'ers are definitely welcome! 

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I cant attest to that more, it is the best illustration of human anatomy I’ve seen. Also try to get the edition that comes with the cdrom, makes it quick and easy to do a screen grab and use the picture as a referance if needed. Go buy it!



M.E.L. thanks so much for posting all of this info…super useful


These are great, thanks! :bounce:


This stuff never fails to disgust me. While it might be good reference I dont get how people could do that, its sick!


There are definitely steroids at work here. I was talking to a bodybuilder friend who was explaining that it’s impossible to get that built up without it ~ and showed me comparative photos of bodybuilders in the 1940s and 50s, who were, by contrast, quite a bit ‘softer’ and not the pumped up guys / gals of today.


I usually don’t interject, but you are, in this case, dead wrong. The reason bodybuilders are bigger now is because of all of the sciences’ involved advances including nutrition and general wellness. Bodybuilders today simply have more knowledge and capability than the ones from the 50’s and 60’s. With proper nutrition and regiment, with a help from a good gene pool, just about anyone can look like that. Not 100% of course because some people have genetic shortcomings or ailments preventing it, but I’d say an easy majority of people could get that large if they worked towards it and did it correctly.

you don’t HAVE to take steroids to get that huge, it’s just a shortcut for the lazier bodybuilders…

anyways…that was my 2 cents. Great thread btw, sorry if I went off topic.




No worries, :wink: frankly I’m just repeating what my friend was explaining. He’s in a better position than I to know ~ I’m not a bodybuilding expert myself. :wink:




wow great references big, big thanks for sharing these! i especially find the videos showing the movement of bones inside the body useful. :slight_smile:


It is so much information I cannot indulge in this abundance properly yet, but from the few quick clicks I followed (anatomy website with a video which explained the structure of the lungs and an x-rayed knee in motion) I can say that this thread is an awe-inspiring source of study and a well of knowledge for learning about oneself in general.

I mean, it’s always striking how little my knowledge about my own body is, as if I never minded taking a look at it.

This goes far beyond my goals as an aspiring draughtsman/painter. Thank you!


Shawn, I can’t thank you enough for providing these references. These will be fun to study.


Originally Posted by [b]M.E.L.:


another addition for Facial Anatomy.

FANTASTIC link, thanks! :applause: If you have any more amazing links like that, please post them!
Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thx a lot for all these great links
the first Xray videos are just priceless :thumbsup:

Many thx :bounce:



Oh btw , glad to hear this is still on the table , I was wondering if so since there wasn’t any news about it .
Spam interaction hu ? :smiley:



Will letcha know as soon as I know. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


some more detailed facial expression here

click on Expression Repertoire on left side and simple refistration for… detailed facial expression and ActionUnits



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