Anatomy reference of animals?


Heya all,

I bought a few books of the human anatomy but now I was wondering if anyone know a good book or site, torrent, download whatever for the anatomy of animals. I am talking about lions, wolfes, cows etc. Always handy for creatures.

Thanks for the help.



I got this really nice, big, book whit the skeletral and musckular anatomy of some mammals, by András Szunyoghy and György Fehér not sure what it is called in english… got the norwegian copy myself.
I could only find a spanish copy on amazon, but the cover is the same, so you should recognize the book if you saw it
Here is the link
There are of course many other nice books aswell.
Personally I’m also kind of drooling for this one

Are you looking for any animals in particular? I might have some sites in my anatomy folder.
Some great sites are posted in a stickied thread here aswell.


Here’s a good mammal anatomy source book:

‘An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists’ by Wilhelm Ellenberger

Book details link


This probably isn’t a good anatomy book, but “Animals in Motion” by Eadweard Muybridge is an excellent resource for studying the motions of an animal, which also helps to understand their anatomy as well. That particular book has horses, cows, bulls, large cats, apes, birds, and a bunch of other photographs of animals running and doing other actions.

there’s the link to it on amazon, so you can take a look inside it. hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I just bought a GREAT book on animals…Lot’s of lions, horses, ect.
It also has GREAT breakdowns of animals in motion ect.
It really goes into alot of details on the varyations between the diferent big cats, bears, horses, ect…A really nice, and very handy book to have, in any artist library…:slight_smile:



Some great resources there, thanks. The GD section has been a plethora of quality reference material lately.


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