Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 1 - The Head


         Judith Beheading Holofernes 1598-1599, Caravaggio. Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome.

This is the servant of Judith.

Little off road today.


Head of a Young Man
Musée du Louvre, Paris


DÜRER, Albrecht
Study of a Man Aged 93
Brush drawing on gray violet primed paper, 415 x 282 mm
Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna

Pencils and little of chalk on rough paper.


Dude these kick ass. May I ask for some suggestions of books on painting, color etc.


Hey there everyone, I’m new around here and to digital art in general (though I have a limited experience in traditional mediums). I got my tablet a few weeks ago and had some time to play around with, so here’s my first head:

 Portrait of a Young Woman
 Tempera on wood, 82 x 54 cm
 Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

 I'm using gimp for now and still learning my way around it. Anyone else using gimp?
 LukArh I noticed this thread [here]( Hope that helps.


Guess im too late to join, but this is for my skill, i’ll practice with this.



Studies from Anatomy Lesson Series: The Head. Head002


Studies from Anatomy Lesson Series: The Head. Head008


Here is a detail of Judith Beheading Holofernes, Judith’s servant:

Done in a few days, photoshop only.


Beautiful studies!


Studies from Anatomy Lesson Series: The Head. Head084


Beautiful study.

The shading really conveys the forms and details in an impressive way.

EDIT: Was inspired to do a quick master study myself. 15 min sketch done in ArtRage 2,5 of Head 015 (Botticelli)

Thanks for providing such great threads at this one. Just love drawing from the old masters :slight_smile:


Another 15 min sketch, this time head 042 (Caravaggio):


Next quick study - at least 3 minutes longer than before ;):


Next one is head 022 (Bronzino)
Drawn in ink, it took a couple of days to finish:


Next one in pencil also took a couple of days to complete. It’s head 02 (Algardi):


Dürer study:


Just two days left until “My month” has passed, so this will probably be the last before moving on to part 2. Really learned a lot from the studies I did. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Head 068 (Fragonard), pencil:


First from me. Hope I can make 50 a month. Lots of work!


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