Anatomy for female model


Hi friends.
I am working on a realistic female model for the first time.The work is in process
and i am confused about the anatomy of my model.I am attaching the WIP images
with this post.
guys plz help me out to beautify my work …plz give some corrections if there are…
I feel something strange with the face too…
waiting for reply


here is the image of face


im working on the exact task at the moment (stylized character though) i think youve done a very good job so far.looks believable to me.
maybe the folds above her but cheeks are a bit to harsh?
oh and her scapulas look a bit to “tall” if that makes sense?
like it


Looks like a good start so far.

-I think her belly button is too low, it should be slightly above the hip bones.
-The odd things about her face are, eyes too big and corners of the mouth are pinched. Also the brow features seem kind of harsh for a female, women have more delicate features.

Just my quick observations.


maybe you could recheck her face profile, looks a bit monkey like. depending on the model that might be correct though :wink:
looks a bit odd that her brows are so far back related to her chin


thank u guys…I got my mistakes…i have corrected the face in photoshop…
can u guys plz help me to beautify it more


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