Anatomy and Comic Thread of nebezial


weel …why did i start one…the answer is soo well known…mooom everyone s doing it hahaha

well anyways heres my first drop…overdramatisation mwahahaha…all in all…a wip…who knows if ill ever finish it biut its all good warmup


Well, this promises to be kick a**…:smiley: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hell yeah.
Awesome nebz, can’t wait for more man :slight_smile:
I can’t wait for more tuts either hint hint hehe :wink:


haha rebecca , skurai thanx…well i was kinda thinkin of dumping my not shown stuff here, and comics prewiews and also some stuff i made for some comic forums a while ago…sooo here goes
a lil bit of lara croft…this one im not siure if i posted here or not:shrug:


You’re welcome man.
Awesome piece, it feels like I have seen it before though, don’t know why :shrug:


Hi there!excellent works!:thumbsup: I´ve watching your jobs and it´s very interesting the way you apply the skintones. I´ll be looking to your upcoming drawings!



first pose looks painful/

i like the lara one though,when did she get red hair?


Skurai lol me neither
Gonzalo Golpe thanx man lots to come
NOOB! YESSSSS mission acchieved…i really wanted the pose to look all broken withouth…actually breaking anything…and lara…hehe i allways drew her readhaired…dunno why



Been awhile…:slight_smile:
Now I will be able to see how far you’ve come with those great experiments you’ve
been perfecting. Really looking forward to it.
What I see so far looks … GREAT !! :thumbsup:


You have always drawn her with red-hair cause deep down all us guys know that redheads are the most fun!

Great stuff. I love the way you are pushing the vasuclar elements on your anatomy studies. I find it very hard for me to make it look natural, so my hat is off to you sir!


Spirit Dreamer haha hiya there yep ive been extremwely busy finishinf my first comic work to be published and soon my own comic will hit the sales

Vidar3d mwahaha yaay for the read hair woohoo:beer:
about the skin ill try too explain some stuff as i go…its not the best way but it is my way and ill trsy to make it simple real soon
now this is what i have been wippin between comics…and that means seriously low amount of free time…also i ve been under the weather these few days so i have alot of catching up to do

this is a present for a friend


oh my, I really love that one.


Foly Huck !!! this is huge :eek: :applause:

Ok I’m definitely gonna watch , and enjoy this …
Man , hope you’ll continue the last one , totally fan of ! :bounce:

cheers , Stjepan ! :slight_smile:



hahah thanx people well today i caught me 3 whole hours of time woohoo…so here is an update


Wow, nebz, you so rock! :applause: wants to be like nebz :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Omg man, so awesome.
I have to practice :smiley:
Keep up the good work mate!


Rebeccak hahahaharofland drops a floor under from laughing ur nuts:thumbsup:
Skurai practice! it does make perfect
well here is another step a lil bigger cuz of details:D



Wow, just really amazing! :thumbsup:

Out of curiosity, do you ever use reference, or are all of your figures from the imagination? :slight_smile:




Hi …Nebezial…
Like the way your doing that fabrc,…great expressions also,…and skin ect. ect…:thumbsup:
Is that Tom Cruise in that vampire movie he made a few years ago…I never saw it, but
am just curious…:slight_smile:


Rebeccak hahah thanx rebecca, nope not for 7 years now i havent used photo or any other references, i guess its mostly because i have a rather analythic approach to painting and also i never underestimated often overseen importance of construction, also many of thee rules i learned while dabbling in 3d…believe it or not looking for the perfect render kinda makes you realise just what is it that one is looking for in a picture in order to make it look beleavable,
the basic rules are
B-global ilumination
C-cast shadows
D- material properties…basicaly all 3d stuff lol

Spirit Dreamer…:bounce: bahahah tom cruise…thats supposed to be meee!!!:smiley: …not really a succesful attempt hahahahahahha:thumbsup: