Anatomic differences of ethnic groups


Although anatomic differences of ethnic groups are not as clear cut as they use to be, there are still major patterns to be found when moving from one country to another.

Has anyone stumbled upon a book or website that deals with the subject?

Have you discovered interesting patterns that you would like to share? (for example, how the ears of a chinese differ from those of a polynesian…?)

Any insights are of interest…


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the original post is an interesting question though. while I don’t know of any such books or references, it would be interesting to find some.

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Hey Jean,

There might be some stuff in this forum topic that might help you, however it looks like its only about female ethnic differences. There are links to other posts with the other ethnic groups on the bottom of the first post. hope this helps you. Its all i could find !


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Paperclip: No need to state the obvious. Anyone who has been in Ireland knows the Guiness hand is a common feature of the Irish anatomy…

extol Thanks a lot, I’ll have a look through it…


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The “Anatomy for the Artist” book has a good crosssection of ethniticity comparison.


Somebody posted a link recently to a test – several photos of Asian men and women. How easy is it to distinguish between photos of Japanese, Chinese and Korean men and women? I don’t remember anybody who scored high on it. It seemed more luck than anything else. My advice is to think of yourself as a Hollywood casting agent. Look for reference pics of people who look appropriate for the “role” and use them. You can do a composite of 3 faces/figures. I don’t know any other way than to cave into stereotypes. :shrug:


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I don’t know of any books on the subject, I think just observations would help. I can usually tell the differences between Korean or Japanese, versus Chinese. Even started spotting differences between Hmong and Mandarin, and Pakistani or Iranian but then I live in a very culturally diverse city and get mistaken for Spanish when I’m Italian, since I don’t have the stereotypical “italian nose”. I’ve learned it basically through cultural books at the library. Sometimes they point out things like different indigeneous tribes had certain facial characteristics different from another, though they were all deemed as “native indians”, etc.

Those helped more than any art reference materials.


What I see here, is really in bad taste. The original poster asked if there was referance material so that they could add some cultural diversity to their work. What do they get? Some childish jokes and comments bordering on offensive.

I suggest that each and every one of you who decided to post something ‘funny’ in this thread, step back and look at yourself. You are as different to others as they are to you. Please grow up, before you find out that the world is not the way your isolated fish bowl vision sees it.

To the original poster, for which this thread made: The resources are out there, but I am not sure of where to look specifically. I do not think, however, that this thread will last much longer.


Thanks for the interest you put in the thread, but I was not offended by the “funny” replies.
The subject does make way for a good deal of jokes.

Bohemiantoe; I am getting to see more and more of the differences by sheer observation, but it would have been great to see them all in one spot…

erilaz; Thanks, I’ll definitely have a read.

Ilikesoup; I did that test and scored wrong almost everywhere. Doesn’t really highlight any pattern, so I’ll go with your advice.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll do some more research on the subject, see what I can dig up…


May I add that the only stereotypes I touched on were these of my own country. I live in Ireland, I’m well qualified to comment on irish stereotypes!! :smiley:

Also, Rebecca is korean.