Anamorphic (Visual effects for)


Hi guys,
Can anyone point me int he direction of information on this subject please

I am basically trying to figure out the workflow difference between projects shot in in clean spherical and then projects shot in troubled anamorphic.

I have already heard that distortion comes in to play and that to fix this all that is needed is to apply the effect with its own motion blur etc. to the unsqeezed image and then squeeze the image again with the FX in it.

Apart from this is, this the only difference bewtween the two. Are there also any dedicated plugins or software which help with anamorphic workflows.

Many thanks!


there are some optical effects that comes with anamorph lenses:

look here , as they change the focus you can see how the areas in the blur change there shape
also blurs, glows, flares behave different in anamorph, but in the most comp packages you can adjust the settings of these effects to match the real thing.

flares are the most common known thing: all these blue streaks in star trek come from anamorph lenses


Thanks lot!


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