An old man hanging himself, changzhi wei (3D)


Title: An old man hanging himself

Name: changzhi wei

Hi, everyone, Sharing my latest personal project.
Finished at last!
In ancient times, “committing suicide to escape punishment” would implicate family members; not because your leaving would make your family heard broken ,but your escaping from sin would bring disaster to family members. If you choose to die, you will be tied up to pillar with wearing tall paper hat and everyone could insult your personality, even a child can tread on your dignity; finally you will gradually leave other’s memory with such condition. This is a story I heard before from an old man

Modeling was done by Zbrush and Maya. Textured in Substance Painter 2,

Photoshop . Rendered in Arnold. yeti

I hope you like it!


Amazing render with a sad story. :slight_smile:


its great but one thing amuses me- the ‘old man’ tag…the guy doesn’t look more than 50 - is that old to the current generation of 3d wiz kids?lol life expectancy is 89 in the US


Well the guy is from China, no idea what life expectancy is this country. Either way, there is a world out there outside the US.

Maybe he failed at portraying an “old” man, in any case is subjective. What to you it’s not more than 50, to the author might be around 65. Or you could like like this in your 30’s if you hammer yourself badly with some hard drugs and alcohol. Yeah it happens.
What looks old to him might not to you. In the author’s eyes, this guy is old.


Regardless of age this is pretty boss. Looks fantastic.


how much time you spend in this char total?


Dead faces are blueish…this guy doesn’t look dead - just resting