An, is it possible question.


I was going to post this as a feature request to Softimage, but as XSI seems to do everything else that I thought it couldn’t, I thought I’d expose my ignorance to you lot first.:slight_smile:

I really like the Move Point tool in XSI, very fast, especially if combined with another tool at the same time, but am I able to constrain it to just certain points ?

What I used to like to do in LW was to select a number of points in say the side view where selection was easy, and then in the top view (where selection isn’t so easy) tweak them with the Drag tool (LW’s equivalent of the Move Point tool) without worry of moving other points. This has two advantages, first you only move the points you want to, but also you have a better feedback of the point flow with the other points highlighted.


Select your points, turn on prop mode, rt click prop button, in options turn on ‘Tagged Points Only’ and set distance to 0 (or more if you wan’t the soft movement). Now only the selected points will be affected by the move point tool.


Thanks Tachyon, that’s “almost” what I was looking for.

Unfortunately it has one drawback, if there is an untagged point directly above the tagged one, then I’m not able to move the tagged point. It looks as though XSI is still aware of the other points and still deals with them in order, whereas LW appears to work by making all unselected points invisible to the transform tools.


Would the polygon isolate tool help in this case (Ctrl+Shift+h) ? It hides all polys except the ones you’v selected, and i often use it when i’m having difficulty with making sense of a complex mesh…


Thanks for the patience Tachyon :thumbsup:

Still not exactly what I was looking for as I wouldn’t be able to see the Move Point effect on the overall model. Mind you it is a good feature to know as I often used a similar technique for isolating parts of my mesh in LW, I just hadn’t got time to looking up it’s equivilant in XSI yet :slight_smile:

It feels a bit like the chicken and the egg paradox at the momment, I haven’t got the time to really delve into learning XSI at the momment because I have been too busy using it (for work) since the day it arrived :smiley:


Ok, this isn’t as click-and-drag-easy as the move tool, but you can use sticky keys to quickly move between selection and translation. Select your object, tag your points, then hold down V to put yourself in translate mode - middle-click drag to move in the top view without having to grab the points or the manipulators - then release the ‘v’ key and you’re back in point tagging mode.


even simplier:
in your tool options for transforms set the “click outside of manipulators” to selection.
now in translation mode you can click a tag and then manipulate it.
if the manipulators for the previous editing are in the way just click the void and then select the tag.


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