An idea for a 3D animated movie


I have an idea that i want to make into a 3D animated movie but i need some help. Is anyone willing to help me with my 3D animation?
okay so basically here is my idea.

2 parents call to adopt a teenage girl who is 13 years old and she is into rock and heavy metal and instead
a toddler comes to their door by mistake, they’ve adopted a toddler by mistake who is only 3 and a half years old. The toddler is messy, he drools
and the toddler is nothing what the parents have wanted, they wanted a teenage girl not a toddler boy. The parents are mother and father of a boy
who is 10 years old and the boy has to share rooms with the toddler and he doesn’t like it one bit for a week. Then after a while he starts to settle in with the idea
that he has a toddler brother not a metal and rock loving teenager who is 13-years-old. Is this bad, is this a good idea for a movie?
let me know in the replies to this thread below. Be open and honest, but don’t be rude or i will have to report you.
p.s. - if you have a better idea to add on to this movie idea then let me know too. :slight_smile:
Software that will be used
Maya 3D
Daz 3D Studio
Cinema 4D
etc. etc.
anyone who is willing to 3D model for me for free and do voice acting will be awesome!
if you consider working for me i can’t pay you as this is a non-profit idea.


It sounds like a basic Family Drama
I used Daz studio,Reallusion Iclone pro
And Maxon C4D to create a feature length
Marvel Comics based animated Film
I have 51 minutes completed here is a clip.


I used a program called Morphvox pro to completely
Change My voice for Doing all of the characters Dialogue
I also use a program called Convenience ware for
computer generated voices as well.
You can Do it all yourself .