an effective method of creating head on beer?


hi can anyone help me with this problem, i need to create a realistic looking head on the inside of a beer glass… also for it to be kind of smeared up the sides from where it has been drank.

would it be possible to use particles for this? or am i going to have to spend hours trying to create a texture and have less effective end results?

thanks for any tips



particles if your going to be close to the glass of bear and if you need it super realistic.

but a nice mesh with a nice texture should do it. use some bump and displacement maps and you should be fine. might want to use a raytraced material so you can get a nice see through materail working. also, a couple falloff maps in the opactiy will help with the effect.

umm, i have some Guinness in the frig if you need some, umm, photo samples.


hehe i have stella in the fridge too, but go ahead and give me some samples anyway … its all in the name of getting drunk… oops i mean erm making photo realistic models :stuck_out_tongue:

whats the best way to go with particles?

thanks for your reply



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