An alternative to animation training with AnimDojo


This was a free live session we did last Friday where I animated a character landing in 20 mins live.

Note: Skip to 9:34


£15 a month for all content including video lectures added each month, weekly live animation session, no homework! just animate with me during the live session, and when you’re ready, no matter how long it takes to get there, you can then pay £30 to get a one to one review of your work/showreel.

We are still very new and are a team of two and hopefully, if this is successful we can grow and keep making this better.
Please check us out, sign up for our live Q&A this Thursday 1:30 pm UK time.

Heres an intro to what we are all about:


If you go to you can sign up for free and see some material and get an idea of what the content will be about. We have had two batches of students test out the course and they have had some great things to say about the course, you can check out the facebook page reviews to see what they said

Thanks and if you have any questions just email us at