Amy is Absinthe, Petr Chegodaev (3D)


Title: Amy is Absinthe
Name: Petr Chegodaev
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Maxwell Render, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

It’s a portrait of Amy Winehouse. The idea was that microphone (music) transforms to a glass with absinthe (drugs) when Amy starts to sing. Here you can find other images:


Wow!!! This is amazing!!!


Stunning image, just stunning. Your choice of colors is perfect. The only draw back is the top part of the hair style, this is the only part of the image that doesnt look as realistic as the rest IMHO.

Great work! especialy on the likeness. :cool:


Wow! This is excellent. Good job! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: hello Petr, you did an excellent job of capturing Winehouse’s likeness!! :thumbsup: thumbs up on the modeling! keep it up :smiley:



Its perfect… The chipped nail polish is so terrible to look at ( its fantastically done mind you)


This is awesome. I looked at the thumb and thought- ew, why so green!? But I see now and it is perfect. Love the liquid/ likeness/ and hands especially.


This is excellent, very true likeness to Ms. Winehouse. Little things like worn nail varnish really help sell the image.


Fantastic work, very good style, expression modeling and shader.


Excellent job! Love the attention to detail :bowdown:


well done, awesome image


Awesome! I’m speechless :bowdown:


Excellent job! CONGRAT…!


She looks more alive than the real Amy, excellent work! one of the best CG portraits i´ve seen lately, this must be in the top row. & Your microphone´s detail is amazing too btw

thumbs up :wink:


good started

amazing very good work i like 2 much she is look like the artsit

good luck4 ever :beer:


looks great


A simply great image, shame about the subject though.


WOW, simply great rendering!


Very impressive!
I’m not a big fan of photorealism in 3D, but i must say that you catch her expression perfectly!!


superbe work !!