Amsterdam style street WIP


3dsmax5 + brazil (no global illumination, GI was taken 10 hours :annoyed: )

anyways, any ideas/flames/comments whatever are welcome


Great work, lots of details :slight_smile:


amazing. simply amazing.

i wont finish if i say each and every great detail - but i have one criticism.

the shops are… empty. try putting chairs and tables inside or something.

aside from that… well, - :eek:


that isnt GI’d???WOW!:eek:

i would like to see some blue sky+ cloud action tho. it might bring this peice alive!

but great textures/modelling!:thumbsup:


i dont know the sky above amsterdam… but this is finally a sky that look real! no sheep-shaped clouds and that blue out of postcards - in central europe this is what a sky should look - even in CGs :wink:

great work - as architectural themes belong to my favorites :slight_smile:



Wow excellent modeling there look very real. I think you should put some people in there smoking… you know what! hehehe


Great job, I’m dutch myself, and I must say you really catched the appereance of Amsterdam. Even an Amstel beer sign :beer:

Sky would be nice though :wink:


it’s very good, but dead.

Add a little life to it, blue sky; sun; birds; plants; etc!


thanks guys!!

Im going to add some more plants I know… I had a blue sky, but it did not look too good, but i’ll fool around with the sky some more :slight_smile:


Yup the sky was like that when I was there. Not so sure about the simulated wide angle… isn’t there a way in Brazil to do parrallax correction? :slight_smile: :beer:


wow amazing!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
great modeling,textures&lighting works:thumbsup:


w00t w000t nice Jon :beer:



the lights seem too big I know i’ll change em next render. again any comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Great work :slight_smile: I’m in the process of doing my own city street, so I have an appreciation for anyone who does it well, and you my friend are doing it well.

I too am especially fond of the sky, combined with the european architecture it definately reminds me of my days in Belgium and Germany.

in short: Schweeeet!


holy crap


Nice picture, the details are great !
But if you want to make it like amsterdam the bike should be dirty and rusted (and missing some wheels :stuck_out_tongue: )
I would allso add more dirt to the street.


Awesome images! It’s comming along very nicely.

Only the fisheye style I don’t really like, and Cafe Plienz? What’s that? :slight_smile:

@Pjanssen: Rusted: good idea. Maybe stolen or a junk next to it? :wink:


Amazing, simply amazing. You know what, not simply amazing, complicatedly amazing! That’s right! Complicatedly!

One thing you might want to try, if you can that is, is run it through Digital Fusion and add a little bit of glow to the sky so that the light bleeds over the edges of the buildings and objects against the sky. That little bit of blurring would likely happen when taking a photograph because the sky is much brighter than the buildings.

Also, did you really not use GI? What kind of lighting then? E-light script? Dome light? I ask because the lighting is excellent!


Did I say excellent? I meant complicatedly excellent! :smiley:


thanks guys!

its just 4 omnis and a direct, and thanks for the sky bleeding tip :slight_smile: