Amsterdam Chapter


sign up here if you’re in the areas of Amsterdam.




actually, rotterdam, but Amsterdam is doable :wink:


Yay me! :smiley:

I have to say having lived all my life in Rotterdam… Amsterdam is weird to live in… :stuck_out_tongue:


Rotterdam here. :slight_smile:


Den Haag here. Our country’s small enough to have a Dutch chapter I guess :slight_smile:


Guess that excludes me :wink:


Just take the train and you’ll be there in 1 and a half hour.(If you believe the NS)


Haha, you’re right … NS s@cks, I’ll come by car… that is if I’m not stuck in a traffic jam … file s@cks … 'k pak wel de fiets :smiley:


Veel succes, wel een dag vantevoren al beginnen met fietsen dan. :wink:


I’m over in Alkmaar.


Yo Leeuwarden hier, alhoewel momenteel Paramaribo…

Just one question. Why a specific A’dam chapter? A Netherlands chapter would fit our small country better I think :smiley: (although an A’dam chapter will be fine with me ;))


My point exactly. So what’s the plan ?


Amsterdam for school, for now it’s still Eindhoven for home.


Any plans cooking then? :slight_smile:


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