Amir Porat - Circus Auditions - Acrobatics


Finally i’ve desided to join in on the fun :smiley:

The topic is great, Im just hoping ill have the time to finish this one.

Any way, here’s my initial sketched poses, C&C are welcomed :bounce:


Here’s my first blockin, I didnt start timing it so all you have here is a few poses, C&C are as always welcomed :slight_smile:

Link - Update - First Blocking


Ok I added a few poses and in-between’s, and I stated to work on the timing as well, Theres alot of thing I want to change here before I continue, The timing for one could be changed to add more to the animation, also theres a few poses im not happy with, Any way I’de like to get some feedback on this one, before I keep going.

 btw, this is the first time im using the lowman and it great :D Its alot easyer to use then other rigs I used so far, and so far im happy with it
 Any way, C&c are welcomed :bounce: so let me know what you think.

Link - Update - Blocking 2


I think it looks good.
What I’ve noticed is After he raises on his hands he takes a step with his hands. During this step his feet move very stiff, solid and together. If his feet move seperately and maybe bend some, he might look more like trying to gain his balance.

Just an idea. Good luck.


Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Your idea gave me another perspective on that, When I was doing those poses I work paying more attention to the arms area and not the legs, Ill look at it again now, I mite find other poses that seem to be a bit stange.

Any way, About the timing I think im going to make the whole middle part, meaning the two parts where he stands on one hand or fingre, faster. I feel like right now im just showing these poses too long, and this scene should have alot more attention on the last part where he jumps.


Here’s another update :slight_smile:

I started working on details on the first few seconds, I still have alot to do on those few seconds but I wanted to update any way. C&C are welcomed :bounce:

Link - Update


Hey Amir…thanks for the crits:thumbsup: Unfortunately I can’t view yours for some reason. I’ll check back and see if I can view it later. :slight_smile:


Could you let me know if theres a problem with the links ? I know that you have to use save as with this host, but is any one having problems with them ?


Hey Amir,

When I right click and save link as in mozilla, all I get is a 20k file that quicktime doesn’t recognize. Might be something on my end but i’m not too technical:)


I’ve kept working on this one, Im going to change the main concept a bit, but for now your not going to see any changes, Im much happier with the first part of the animation now, But I still have alot of unsolved issues. One of them is the elbo bends on one of the poses and a ping pong type action, its right before the last pose, im not sure how im gonna fix that, but I know im going to change that.

    I'de love to get some feedback  :bounce:

Link - Update[/color]


Ok I had a problem with linking the files, but if you take the link and just paste it in the address bar, it works good, Any way im sorry for having to post it this way, ill keep checking if theres another way to do this. Thanks Remi for leting me know about that problem :slight_smile:


Looks good to me for the beginning…I would throw the hands back a bit further on the antic for the handstand. You might be able to add some extra weight to it too or make him look just a tad off balance when he’s walking on his hands…yes he’s skilled…but he’s nervous:) It’s an audition:thumbsup:


Thanks for your feedback Remi, It gave me alot more to think about. Right now im just doing a simple acting for do this then that, I have to make a character come out of this animation, Ill start working with the head and face animation, I didnt work on that at all and that could show what my character is feeling, Also all the movments I made are very direct, ill see what I can do about that


I think it looks very good, almost perfect, maybe you could make it more interesting by animating some imperfections. Good luck!


“almost perfect” ah :smiley:

Right now im mostly animating the character to do the hand stand stuff, Ill start working on the facial expressions soon, im hoping that will make it loose that too perfect animated feel and give it some character, thanks for you comment :slight_smile:

btw I’ve changed all the links to a better host, Im just hoping this host will be good, the links now work when you click them, no need to right click and save or copy paste stuff, let me know if you have any more problems with them


Hey all :slight_smile:

Here’s another update, I’ve started working on the rest of the poses, and i’ve also changed the end a bit, I still want to change the last few poses to make them more interesting, and I was thinking about taking all the poses after the big pause and moving them to the left of the screen, right now he’s too much in the center for me. I also want to add a few poses on one hand where the pause is

Any way, i’de love to get some feedback on this :bounce:

Link - Update


Not sure why his body expands to the point of floating…

It doesn’t make sense to me :shrug:

What’s your reasoning behind this, could it be shown another way?

The rest looks really good.

Keep going.



Well I guess ill have alot more work to do on those last few poses in order to make it look clear, What im trying to do is make him jump, take a deep breath, and inflate him self untill he floats up in the air :slight_smile: Something like what the blow fish in finding nemo did.

At first I wanted to make him float in the air after the last jump, making the whole thing he did before seem alot easyer compare to that, but I could get it to look like he was really flaoting, it just looks like its slow motion or wrong, So i’ve desided to go this way, Im just hoping I could animate it right and clear


Hey all :slight_smile: , I’ve added the poses I wanted on the one hand, and i’ve done alot of other changes, Im still not happy with the end, but it show’s what im aiming for

C&C are welcomed :bounce:

Link - Update


This is it, Im mostly done with this animation, I mite go and tweek a few things before I have to submit this but for the most part, its finished, I’de love to get some feedback :bounce:

Link - Update
Link 2 - Update