American Beauty, henrich kimerling (3D)


Title: American Beauty
Name: henrich kimerling
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi CGtalk, This is mine last character work. Inspirated by the film American Beauty…I just litlle upgrade it :-0. For modelling I used 3Ds max and Z-brush, rendered in Mental Ray, and also used Photoshop for textures and litlle bit post-production.


I like the idea, not sure if its supposed to be a parody on the american culture, but i like it :smiley:

I like the detailed background.
wish she didnt where glasses though.

nice work :smiley:


great idea :slight_smile: for me Frontpage Stuff for idea and performance.

and if i see the pic from higher distance a can see the garbage flag :slight_smile:



Wow this is absolutely amazing! Great concept and really great look.
Nothing more to say. Just stunning:beer:
Yeah I think Turry is right. Thats worth 5 stars and frontpage.


relly laborious work :buttrock:
respect :beer:


LOL, nailed a good 50% stereotypical american down pretty well :)…I like it


Really awesome idea/concept. I love it!


Very nice concept indeed, i’d see that in frontpage without any doubt ! This picture just had to be done and you did it :slight_smile:


Ahah this is the REAL american beauty :smiley: great idea!!


Love the image, some wires and ZBrush flat shaded versions would be ace! where did you get the reference? :smiley:


Yes!!! Just COOL! Great job!


Superb! And so true :smiley:


Oh wow, great work… like the detail, and the irony :smiley:


Front Page, indeed!

How did you place the objects in the background? By hand???



amazing! totaly cool idea!
5* from me

jan k. vollmer


Great idea and execution :smiley: it doesn’t get muchj more American than this hehe

Good job! you got all 5 stars from me for this clever piece of work

/ Magnus


I LOVE IT! What an amazing concept and render!
5* from me :slight_smile:


cool idea… really fun and nice realization!


This should be on the front page of every publication in America. The simple fact that the majority of people replying to this post so far are from other countries is proof on how us Americans are viewed; fat, lazy, and gluttonous. This is an amazing piece of ART! 5*


Hahaaa, cool idea, very nice job :thumbsup: