American Beauty, Guadalupe Divina (2D)


Title: American Beauty
Name: Guadalupe Divina
Country: USA
Software: Painter

“American Beauty” is a new work I made using painter, photoshop and poser to guide me building the body proportions, it took me several days and hours, the original piece was transferred to 13" x 19" inches luster paper and it is displayed at my art exhibition at the National Medical Center XXI century in Mexico City, where they gave the a chance to show my digital work from october 7th 2005 to february 5th 2006 togheter with the finest illustrators from Mexico. I am hoping to her your thoughts about this work and constructive opinions are always welcome since they help me to try to do it better, in advance I am aware I am still a long way to learn but I am very open to hear what other people have to say. Thank you in advance.

I fixed the nostrils and darker hair areas to give depth. Thank you for the comments, it helps me a lot!

>> Hi resolution image <<


I love that girl, looks great:thumbsup:


Beautiful, 5 stars.


Yes ,beautiful girl,I like the skin details ,but I think the hair can do much details if u want ,I think must be better than before,hehe ,sorry for my poor English,~~have a nice day~!


Very beautiful girl. Great work on her skintones. The detailing on her hair is nice but wish that I could see stronger, darker shadows in her hair (clothing too) to give it more volume. I know it is hard to cover up details that you worked so hard to paint in with a bunch of shadows but I think that is what her hair needs. The holes for her nostrils are too hard edged and black in my opinion. And finally, the background needs a bit more detail or possibly less detail. Right now the background is caught in between.

I think that this is a good piece so don’t be discouraged by my crit. You have done a marvelous job so far.


hair and skin are amazing! Maybe some texture on the skin would make it a bit more believable, but that’s just a matter of tastes I guess.

EDIT: You have really good stuff in your site, btw.


WOW~I love this picthe girl is very prettyand I like the colour~good job ~~~~~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


Gotta agree with what PixelPlay is saying. Especially with the background- looks a little cheesy. Would love to see it in a way that brings out the flowers/feathers(I think less detail). But honestly, your work is great, skin tones are definately nice!


Very nice painting! Beautiful soft colors and gentle lighting. :thumbsup:

Awesome stuff! from me :applause:


Thats very good divishow, I like the hair very much m8

good luck


Beautiful but oh my god what kind of nostrils she has! :slight_smile:


Hello Divishow.

Like this picture allot. It got a clean/fresh feel to it. :slight_smile: The things i thought about was that it needs more contrast, that her right eye seems a bit off (but people dont need to be perfect) and the last thing, her nostrils looks unfinished.

Besides that its an impressive picture and waiting for more fronpage stuff :slight_smile:


I fall in love!



This is some really brilliant work. She’s got a really alluring face.

Great job - 5 stars


Very Nice! But she doesn´t look like a typical American beauty, but rather like a spanish one. Anyway, great work :slight_smile:


I agree with Belltann about the nostrils, they dont look natural at all. I love everything else about this image. Best of luck with the exhibit!


Wow I might have just cheated on my girlfriend. Great picture.

Quality work using Paint Adobe and Poser.

Great Job.


Wow, Great work, I like it very much!

Fantastic soft style and colors, great :thumbsup:


With all due respect to the artist and the work that has been done, IMHO what we see it’s rather average. If the intention was to show a beatifull Native woman, than it has failed, since what I see here, although very well rendered (hats off to the artist) does not look anything different than the models in, lets say Victoria’s Secret.
Again, good technique, but no subsatnce.


I must agree with GUYJIN that image lacks “a soul” - it’s hard to point out exact thing.

BUT it’s VERY nice picture indeed and the girl is awesome. Can i have her phone number please? :slight_smile: