AMD Ryzen Thread Ripper 1950x stability issues?



After my previous thread I’m now almost ready to buy the components for my next PC, and I’m gravitating towards the AMD TR 16 cores.
Reading on forums and reviews online it clearly turns out this is a serious CPU, which should shine with C4D. That said, I have also read several comments from people who experienced crashes or hardware incompatibility with the AMD. Maybe those are old comments when the Ryzen just came out and in the meantime they fixed all the problems.
Nonetheless, is concerning considered is an investment and a machine I have to use for work (with C4D, Arnold, x-particles, Adobe CC, Da Vinci Resolve…)
So, is there any Ryzen 1950x owner here who can share his/her experience, especially in terms of stability? (hardware, Windows 10…)
I would really appreciate that.



I ordered a fully loaded threadripper box yesterday. It should be ready within 7 days. I do not expect any issues. And will report here, if anything out of the ordinary happens, or not.

Paul Everett


my ryzon threadripper 1950x is rock solid, not a single crash yet running since a month 24h/7days a week. more than 3000 BCs, a great machine.
i just ordered parts for a second one( we build them ourselves here)

you need win 10 for it, win 7 wont work, and latest c4d 19.024

make sure to have good ram and psu build in! (most PC instability come from that)



I built a Threadripper 1950x system last month and I am really enjoying it. No stability issues noticed yet.


Same here, not had a hardware related crash yet two months in. Touch Wood!


As long as the ThreadRipper is cooled properly and you have a good power supply, you shouldn’t experience any problems.


Thank you all, that’s great news!
The only thing: C4D 19? I have 18 now.


Huh? otherwise Thread Rippers will crash?


You can run it with R18 you just need to remove an installation folder from memory. If you google it you will find it, cant remember where I got that info from off the top of my head but it works. Im running R18 still. Nothing worth having in R19 for me so not installed it.


The latest cpus don’t support Windows 7 anymore (or to be precise: they don’t have sufficient support in the OS), no matter if you use AMD or Intel. Windows 7 smells funny - get used to it …

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Great, found it!
Thanks for the hint!!



And finally


Dear Stefan,

Could you share ur part’s list for ur 1950x pls?

What kind of MB, RAM and PSU u r using for ur 1950x?

I have problem with my 1950x system, freeze in Vray Rendering all the time.

Thank you so much


a normal asus board, one of the new specialy for threadripper support, 64gb corsair ram and a 1000w corsair platinum psu, 1080ti,
nothing special, good cooling via noctua coolers (very silent) etc. but all high quality brand parts.
ram at moderate speed, i think 2666. no overclocking.

win 10 pro 64bit
c4d 19.053, vray 3.6
all together around 2-2.5k (euro) for one machine

runs perfect, 3000+ cinebenches.
almost same speed as our dual xeons ( 3800 CB) which did cost a lot more (3-4x).

have 2 machines of it, add another 2 once the 32core v2 comes out Q32018 , or the new 28 core i9 :wink: