AMD Radeon ProRender render engine



I’m just realising that ProRender from AMD is a thing. It’s news to me and in summary it’s:

A physically based ray tracing engine, with physically correct materials. It’s open source and free with plugins coming to Cinema 4D (and Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, Rhino, Solidworks).

It uses CPU and GPU simultaneously and is based on OpenCL 1.2. It’s not just for AMD, but any OpenCL card can use it.

Is it jus me, or is AMD on the move lately with Ryzen, Vega and these things on the software side?

Let’s see how good it actually is, but it’s coming and it’s free—so let’s hope it’s got legs!

Has anyone demoed it or heard more about it?


It was demoed as an implementation for Cinema 4D on FMX last week. While not yet feature complete and fully optimized it can already produce nice work. Maxons Glen Johnson realy put it through its paces and showed pretty great stuff.


is there a video of FMX where we can see that?

Has it been confirmed for R19?


I think it sounds awesome. A graphics card agnostic engine that is multi CPU and GPU aware, plus unbiased, plus free has to be an instant success.

It doesn’t even have to be ‘best’, just great.

I’d also love to see a link to a presentation if one becomes available.


My guess is that AMD is throwing ProRender out there to see if it sticks.

If it does become popular - which it may - maybe AMD is planning to put render accelerator hardware for it in its graphics cards.

This would be similar to OTOY & Imagination Technologies with their OctaneRender 4 hardware acceleration.

Its about time the industry shifts towards render accelerator hardware.


Please make sure is integrated with x-particles, turbulence, substance assets and cinema’s own objects like grass, floor, hair and variation shader ( sorry its a lot to ask but I had to :stuck_out_tongue: )


What do you mean? Seeing that it’s OpenCL based, and multi GPU aware, I’m assuming it already runs full speed on both AMD and Nvidia cards.


If you use Hardware Ray Tracing circuitry like some PowerVR GPUs do, you get MUCH faster 3D rendering than a normal CPU/GPU is capable of.

Here’s an old 2016 video of PowerVR realtime Hardware Ray Tracing:

Here’s the website for PowerVR hardware ray tracing GPUs:

And OctaneRender 4 prototype with hardware ray tracing:

Basically, instead of a software rendering algorithm running on a general purpose CPU/GPU, there is CUSTOM ELECTRONIC CIRCUITRY being used that is made just for FIRING 100s OF MILLIONS OF RAYS PER SECOND into a 3D scene.

The result is much faster 3D rendering than is technically possible on a CPU or GPU.

CPU/GPU is general-purpose programmable hardware.

A hardware ray tracing GPU is not general-purpose hardware - it is designed just to ray trace as quickly as possible.

Even realtime ray tracing or path tracing at 30 FPS may be possible some day.



As long as it’s still independent acceleration and you don’t have to be able to fit the scene within the frame buffer of the card… But I know I read ProRender is aiming for CPU+GPU co-render. Should be good.


Prorender supporting both cpu and gpu does not mean that both are used at any given time, it just means that you have a choice. If a scene does not fit into the available memory of a gpu it doesn’t mean that it just starts using system ram via the cpu.


That’s what I was going to say. It’s one or the other (like other renderers), not both.

The only concern I have about ProRender, is it’s based on OpenCL 1.2 which is almost 5 years old as a spec. This is what makes it platform agnostic / work with more cards and the Mac more specifically, but… it’s somewhat outdated technology. Makes me wonder how long ProRender will remain viable (at least for Mac users) but I’m not exactly sure how hard or easy it would be for Apple to support 2.x.


I beg to differ:


hi there,

im the guy Björn mentioned above currenting demoing cinema 4ds intergration of prorender.

i was at FMX in Stuttgart all last week and had alot of very positive feed back. users are looking forward to getting it in the next release.

as Björn has pointed out, the first version that we ship will not be a feature complete renderer ready for production, but it is still a very capable renderer. by releasing it while still in development we are inviting you along the path of the development of prorender and c4d which hopefully will give us great feed back during development.

to help you get the most out of prorender we have made a new PBR workflow for materials and lighting which can actually be use with the physical rendere, more info on this will be made available soon.

theres no video as i was sitting on a stand and demoing it to passers by.
but here are a few links to look at:

i should be at all the big shows this year, so come along and see prorender for yourself :slight_smile:


edited inacurate infomation. please see my next post for clarification


Thanks a lot.

So I assume the new PBR material is leveraging MDL so that one material can be used in Physical/Standard/ProRender seemlessly, right? (and possibily VRay or Iray too at some point).


Thanks for clarifying, Glen!

I’ll keep my eyes open for news and more information about this.


i have to apolagise and make a correction.
the infomation i gave at the end of my last post is incorrect.

it is correct that right now it is only possible to render with either GPU or CPU at any one time. but ive been in contact with AMD and they have explained to me that yes in the future it will be possible to render with both at the same time, YAY!
im at home with man flu right now and that news has made me feel a little better :slight_smile:

sorry for any confusion i may have caused.


The truth slowly emerges! =)

After your last posts I went back to the thing I quoted and re-read it to see if I had misinterpreted it. But the wording is pretty explicit and I found it unfortunate if it weren’t so.

It’s understandable that everything is a moving target during development. But let’s take this as double confirmation then, and it only makes it even more exciting!

Dual CPUs and 2-4 GPUs would be a great little home office render machine for small projects.



I’m one of the Productmanagers of CINEMA 4D and would like to clarify some things.

Prorender in CINEMA 4D is still under heavy developement. We are working closely with AMD on the improvement of the technology and the integration into CINEMA 4D. The version we presented at FMX was a early technology preview. This means that new functionality can and will be added later in the developed. But it also could be, that functionality in this preview version won’t make it into the final version. There will be differences between AMDs Radeon ProRender and our implementation in CINEMA 4D. Those differences are there now and will be there in the future. There will always be reasons to not support some of the features offered by AMD, e.g. that we will need more time to do the integration or that the feature is not at a level we would need it to be. We, together with AMD, won’t stop working on Prorender after R19 is done, so features missing in the first version, will likely be integrated in a later point in time.



Looking forward to it! I’d love to see x-particles integration, too.

Just in time for me to build a monster PC. Guess I’ll be prioritizing a 1080ti card. :slight_smile:


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