Ambrosezero Wacom #DrawCember


I’m sure I am automatically disqualified from this since my Intuos pen & touch that stopped working was replaced by a UGEE as a birthday present. So I’m just gonna post anyway for the fun of it! The theme sounds very interesting to me so I hope I can get some feedback on the drawings I post here even if it doesn’t count!


I assume that even traditional sketches (with pencils and such) are accepted… but Travis can confirm. Go at it man!


I believe even like that you can participate…


Alright, thanks for the replies! I’ll start this easy and start with a Title card. This set of images will be about Santa and Krampus getting ready for Christmas with their Families!


Breakfast in bed for Mrs. Claus! I’ll color it tomorrow after the next sketch.


Cousy Santa breakfast!
Seems you are making digital after all :slight_smile:


Yup! I’m still deciding on what brushes to use for lining tho! Anyway here is Krampus being woken up by his wife Shubbie and one of their dark young!

I think ill make my lines thicker and go with a more cartoony art style since these are quick drawings.


Yes, thick lines can be better for quick sketchs but also more tricky. If you make a mistake it will stand out more.
Thats why i prefer not so heavy lines and less opacity. I make alot of mistakes that i don’t want to clean later on, ehehe


I find it easier to just redraw them over a new layer! Anyway, no drawings from me today, get a little less time on certain days on weekdays.


Heres a quick doodle of Mr. and Mrs. Claus getting ready to go out.


Your lines are so smooth and clean looking. I’m a bit jealous haha. I like the last image - the expressions are nice and subtle.


What a great idea to make your sketchbook a story! Love your smooth lines.