Ambient occlusion in renderman


Hi guys,
i’m testing on renderman ambient occlusion. i’m getting it right when i use the read only option in globals (after writing) , my problem arises when i want to give a different shader to the surface and still get the baked occlusion effect on the surface. i created the icf file through the constant shader method that’s given in the tutorials. i’m using rat 6 for maya5. i tried giving read only in the new ensemble rays tab, even then i’m not getting the effect, can somebody help me out please… :banghead: …


I havent read the tutorial, but i believe you need to write or create another shader and then just multiply the value of your ambient pass by the ambient and the diffuse.

 in RSL that would be

float occ  = 1;
 irradiancecache("query", filename, "r", P, Ns, "coordsystem", coordsys, "occlusion", occ);

 Ci  = (ambient() + diffuse(Nf)) * occ;[size=2]

in slim you could use a DIY template and connect an Occlusion map template and set it to “multiply” on top of a diffuse and an ambient template.

I hope this helps



thank u rudy…
though i didn’t understand the RSL part very much(i’ve not tried the programming part), i understood the multiply option (which i’ve used in someother packages) and i’ve also used DIY so i think i’ll be able to do something…thanks and i hope to get back to u later…


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