Am I getting too optimistic to learn this art at AGE 40?


Hello All,

I am a newbie in this space, but eager to understand every bit of it. Professionally a software engineer with 14 years of work-ex. I can so many courses/workshops coming up but confused where to start with. Did some research on tools and found Blender is open source so was thinking to learn it. Have few questions -

  1. What are some of the good courses I can start with?
  2. If in case I dont have the tool do you give access to your tools during the course for performing labs?
  3. I am based in India, in general courses happen in which time-zone?

Looking forward for your help!


It’s crucial you set your goals in the importance order, so you don’t waste too much time learning what’s unnecessary exactly for the task being done. Also you need to understand who you want to be exactly, as there are myriads of professions in this area.
It makes sense utilizing your current knowledge, being on a technical side. Is that what you want?


Thank you so much for your response. So I dont see myself as an modeller to design the characters, what I want to learn is how to put all the pieces together to create an awesome video.


Could you provide examples of your inspiration, of your final reel vision?


For example



A question: are you a coder at heart, or did you do it for the money?? Because if not, then you can try combining the two!! ie. you can be a software artist! (which is something that intrigues me GREATLY - I’ve given serious thought to doing this myself!) This would entail say, fiddling with the languages inside 3D packages, such as MaxScript for Max, or Python for Blender etc; or, you could try fiddling with a language like Processing - .

Where in India are you? :slight_smile:


This looks like animation reel in the first place. Look for animationmentor or cheaper alternatives. It will take about 1.5-2 years of study for the course.


I am based in Gurgaon. Any classes you would suggest to take which can give me a structured way in how this production works step by step, may be then I can choose which to master. Give me some plan Experts!:slight_smile:


okay, we dont have any courses for absolute beginners in CGSociety?Checked animationmentor its very expensive. Like AnimationBasic course is 2500$ for 12 weeks duration.


Swatee, check . It’s a studio which also, apparently, does Education - can’t speak for the latter, but their work itself is Excellent! (it used to be the splash image for an earlier Blender version!! :slight_smile: )


Hello? Swatee? Did you check it??


Hey thanks for your help, yes I checked it and sent them an email to enquire for classes. They are based in Mumbai I guess so not sure how do they offer classes. Will wait for there response.


I’m guessing, over the net :slight_smile: I hope you have a FAT net connection… :slight_smile:

Always good to have fresh blood entering the scene - age be damned! :slight_smile:




I can understand your plight man. I’m getting back into the swing although I have a fair amount of education in this area.

I would strongly consider this:

Get a subscription for Maya
(when you get this and start some tutorials make sure to always start every animation work by switching the timeline to Stepped tangents so Maya doesn’t interpolate any in betweens, it’s the absolute worse way to learn and the least efficient way to animate how to animate, it will drive you crazy and may prematurely drive you out of the field.)

then subscribe here:
(it’s cheap, high quality and has a bit of everything, but focused on character animation. Also has a small facebook community)

Free Supplemetal material:
(Kieth Lango’s superlative free and timeless animation tutorials)

Then get this:
The modern “Bible of Character Animation”

Assuming you chew through all of that you will have a better idea of what you want next, how to do it and how to translate what you know into blender.