Altering a body suit questions



I created a bodysuit for Genesis in ZBrush. It was suggested that I work in some concentric circles where the pecs/breasts would be so that the mesh stretched out nicely. I was presented with a tutorial at ZCentral but the end result is really not satisfactory. So thought I’d ask here to see if anyone that’s creating clothing for figures in Silo would jump in and offer some suggestions.

What you see below is the attempt. I masked off, using symmetry, hid the rest of the geometry and then edge loop and smooth. Got to dense and a hole remained in the center. I tried bringing the suit into Silo to fill the hole but in DAZ Studio when looking over the mesh the hole fill was connected to one of the edges only rather then an even fill with a center point so it looked really bad and not sure how that would have morphed. So here I am back to square one with an unaltered suit or …

IF I have to restart the suit I guess I can deal with that too but really want to build it with those included.

Thanks much



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