Altantis:Jeffery Lu:The city of mysteries


Hi all, im a high school student and also new to digital painting. i think i shold join the challenge so i can learn more about it. my sketchs will be post soon, well good luck everyone.


Hey Jeffery and welcome aboard , and i find entering these kind oof challenges is one of the best ways to learn as i am learning myself :slight_smile:

looking forward to your sketches :smiley:



yes totally agreed with Matt, we’re still learning:) welcome to the challenge:thumbsup:


thanks for the support guys! :)this is my sketches and a concept painting.

sketch 1

sketch 2

concept painting

can you guys tell me what size the painting needs to be please?:shrug:



good start! im impressed for a high school student. Matte paintings are usualy horizontal in a 9x16 ratio roughly for a still shot. a vertical piece like yours would only be used if the camera were going to pan up and down over the environment. I dont believe the contest set any regulation on the size or shape of the final.

my suggestion is to try and have some color temprature change as the objects get closer. have them warm up a bit, and get cooler and blue / less contrast as they go back. I like the statue head!


welcome neacser , really nice start, I agree with CodeNothing about the 16:9 aspect try working your matte on a fiml aspect , that would hel the cpomposition a lot , you have some nice elements


Matelli & Velarion, thanks for the support guys!

CodeNothing & jamesvfx, thanks for the suggestion! i try to use the size of 16.9, but my computer just can’t handle large amount of pixels(it become really slow), so i make the scale a bit smaller.

here is another sketch for the new idea.

and this is the color sketch of it. I start to do some of the detial of the pyramid at the back to see what comes out of it.

so what do you guys think?


Good idea! keep it up!


thanks DiM! i have a new idea for my painting- After Altantis sink into the button of the ocean, the city has been distory. but there where some survivors, they build a new city on the top of the old, the buildings are impossible to be build now days, how do they did it? no one knows…

here is the sketch


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