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Hello fellow animators,

After listening to some awesome animation podcasts by some of the best in the business, it made me realize that 99% of real life animation work doesnt take place at Pixar or Dreamworks and there are a million different ways to be a animator.
So I decided to make my own podcast talking about the alternative side of the animation industry and interview some interesting fringe animators (its totally FREE).

Please check out the first episode and let me know your thoughts. If you like it, please subscribe or follow that page so that way it will be more visible on iTunes so other people will see it.
Thanks in advance guys! I love animation so much and I hope my excitement and passion for it comes through in the podcast, even if it isnt as articulate as I would hope :slight_smile:


Really interesting and productive. I’ll follow you in other Podcast…
Great Job!


Thanks! I will be posting up the next one here this week about women in animation since its been in the news quite a bit lately.

Episode two is up!
Please listen and subscribe and share with your friends! (If you like it)


Episode 3 is up!
We interview some Portuguese animators, talk about nuclear animation, cartoon brew vs animation magazine, and more!

Next podcast we interview the director of Meet Buck!


New episode up! We interview Denis Bouyer, director of Meet Buck. We talk about teams and what makes them successful and also talk about augmented reality tattoos, Natas Kaupas, and much more!

Here is the facebook page for show notes

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions!


New episode is up where we interview Mike Roush , animator at Titmouse who has worked on shows like Superjail and Venture Bros! Check it out! This guy is the coolest.

and the facebook page to “like” is here


New episode up!
We talk about record breaking stop motion, Nail-a-mation, Charicature and Facial recognition, a Siggraph recap from our Siggraph Correspondant Shane Davis, and an interview with Michael Cawood (starts at 42:40) from the awesome project “Devils, Angels, and Dating”. This one is a good one even though it is a little long!

Tell us what you guys like/don’t like about the podcast on our face book page or email us at

And thank you guys so much for listening we have been getting some good numbers lately. Its always nice to know people are enjoying the extra work we put in!


New episode is up!
This time we interview Jamil Lahham, senior animator from Moonbot studios, who worked on Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. We also do an interview about Liquid Projections. Other topics covered include embroidered animation, open letter to Andy Serkis, Animopus, Reference! Reference!, and Network Awesome.


Ok new episode with animation author Ed Hooks is up, check it out!
There are some really good topics discussed including the questions “Are Animators really Actors?”
Listen and find out!


You guys Rock!!!
Keep up the goodwork



Hope you check out the newest one too. We interview Paul Hanley, director of Viva the 'Nam and I talk about my amazing Ottawa Animation Fest experience!

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Lovely man, thanks for sharing!


We got a new one up today.
This time we interview Aaron Augenblick, whose studio has worked on Ugly Americans, Superjail, Wonder Showzen and many others!

Have a listen wont you?


The new podcast is up with the creator of the morpheus rig, Josh Burton! Josh shared some insightful things and even explains why he is happier freelancing and not taking big studio jobs.
Check it out guys! And please share with your animator friends, I feel we have some very important stuff in this one that animators should hear.


New podcast is up!

This episode we celebrate one the most important milestones in a podcasts lifetime, the 12th episode!

To celebrate we invited Windell Johnson to help us cohost, I bring my trumpet, and Robert brings his corny jokes! We also have a new special guest segment at the end of the podcast called Cel Therapy with Kevin Cooper where he does a very thought provoking review of Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Also we are now on Twitter if anyone cares to follow us


Hey everyone, we got to record a Q and A of one of my favorite animators of all time Don Hertzfeldt!
Check it out here and remember to subscribe to Alt Animation on iTunes and give us a good rating if you can. Also we have twitter now too!
We really want to hear more feedback from the listeners and discuss your opinions on the podcast so contact us in one of the too many ways we have to do so.

Next podcast we have 2-time acadamy award nominees, Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby so stay tuned!


The second part of the Don Hertzfeldt interview is up!


Hey fellow Animators. Listen to our newest podcast with Oscars nominees Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis! By listening you can help these awesome indie Canadian animators win by sending out positive vibes! That movie “The Secret” was real right?
Pass it around!


Check out the newest episode of the Alt Animation podcast! Our next few episodes are going to cover the animated side of SXSW (because this podcast got us a sweet $1000 press badge for free!). This episode we interview Kelly Sears and Evan Viera. Two very different styles of animators but they agree on so much.