Also a new member. :)


Hi all, it was a bit impolite of me not to say hello and introduce myself when coming into the forum a few days ago. the “new member” thread further down reminded me that the way I did it is not the way mother taught me. :slight_smile: Hope you don’t think I am just some copycat now… :slight_smile: So after a few posts I’d also like to introduce my self quickly. I live in Vienna and currently I am building up a company with a few partners, where we do mostly architectural visualisations, but also some 2D-design and character/product design. You can see some of our work here: our site I draw, cook and dive a lot (especially in the adriatic sea, because I am born in Croatia), and more or less successfully try to study software engineering at the technical University of Vienna, with every effect that comes included (slashdotting, overall geekness,…g). That’s about it. I’m glad to be here… :wink:

nice greetings to all of the forum’s members


Welcome! :applause:


Hi cubizmo, I’m so new here I feel a bit stupid welcoming you! checked out your site-went dizzy from the scroller ! I like the character stuff on there


thanks shakes!
I like your work very much, and a friend of mine who lives is Melbourne told me about your illustrations… what a nice coincidence! :slight_smile: I Like your work very much, it sometimes reminds me of the works of Eni Oken, because of the nice bright colors. I like the kamasutra-robots, it’s excellent… In fact, if that’s possible somehow, I would like to buy a copy of one of your pictures as I am moving into a new flat in the next months, and I was looking for some nice works to put in.
I hope you didn’t get seasick on our site, it needs a bit of tweaking here and there… :wink: But well, it’s the company site, I am trying to do my own with a variety of photographs, 3d, 2d, and sketches.

nice greetings from the other side of the world


awww thanks cub-that’s nice of you. don’t worry about paying-I’ll send you over a high res of the one you want-send me an email to work


wow… that’s amazing! Thank you very much… That’s very kind. speechless here. :wink: I will write you a mail after my week off, I’ve got no internet in my flat in croatia…
Thanks again, nice greetings!


Welcome Cubizmo! Always nice to hear new voices.


thats more like it guys…you lurkers are really getting the hang off it…come on in the rest of ya…

anyways bud…i’d just second really what everyone else has been saying…good to see ya on here…good to see some background info…and enjoy yourself thats the point.


btw…got some interesting stuff on that site of yours.:thumbsup:


Thanks mate, I got this feeling that shakes started an avalanche now, where everyone under 40 posts total will come and post his personal history, CV, and shoesize. :slight_smile: I was the first one to follow (because of my bad conscience for not doing so at start), now the rest… Maybe we should ask CGtalk to open own threads for people introducing themselves. :slight_smile: But that would be half as nice to read.
Thank you all for your nice welcomes, me feels lots more familiar now…


btw, shakes, thanks again for the offer, this is like the nicest thing happened to me in a forum ever. :applause:


So cubizmo you like the work of Eni Oken?

Cool. She is something special. Don’t see the correlation with shakes, but hey,
your mind is your own. Shakes work is damn good tho’.

You live in Vienna. A beautifull city. Nearly ended up living there myself.

Welcome. It’s a very friendly place…


thanks constructure… Indeed, Vienna is a beautiful city. Yet, the most of the technology progress seems to happen outside austria… the people (architects, …) just don’t admire fine 3d, that’s why most of our company’s pics look unfinished. everything has to be fast, and shall not cost much. quality is often just something that happens to private projects or other people… a shame, really. How is the situation over there where you live?

I can not visit the forum until next week, going on my well earned week-off. (which easily could turn into 10 days. :smiley: ) I wish you all a nice week, cu soon!

nice greetings


Welcome. :slight_smile:
I like the characters on your site, especially the cat one.


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