Alpine Village, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Alpine Village
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop, ZBrush

I wanted to create a sci-fi style base/village & give it a christmas card atmosphere,
most of the buildings were made last year for another project,the mountain was done in zbrush,most of the work in this one was getting a decent looking snowshader to work with this particular scene(in the end it was a modified version of a shader DerPapa offered up in the 3dsmax forum)

thanks for viewing



wow - cool atmosphere. Great textures & lighting!

Maybe you can add some flying spaceships or vehicles - just a few moving objects, to get more action in the scene. But it`s already perfect.

Keep up the good work!


Thats a really slick render, reminds me of Iron Forge from World of War Craft. (in a good way)


Hey !

very nice done I love all your work!



wow very nice work 5* for me


nice work :bounce: 5* from me :slight_smile:


As always great work! Even though I wouldn’t mind people in the enviroment have you taken that in to account!! 4 starts …


Great work! Love the modelling and texturing.


absolut stunning work


I think you got the effect you were looking for. Really good work. Maybe a sci-fi sled with old jolly Nick, would be nice :slight_smile:


very nice done man!
I love your mountain shape and render,perfect work !!


I love the sci-fi style and the shaders. It looks more like a base to me, than village. Not much Christmas lights to make it look festive though.
Good work nevertheless.




As always another great artwork from you:thumbsup:


vrey convincing snow and mountains, what is really not easy in 3DSmax, xlt mood and the buildings fit perfect.


you got to love it


hey Stefan,
a new great image from you, and in such short time :smiley: great job !:thumbsup:
really cool use of Zbrush in an enviorment. “me like it, a lot” :applause:


What a great results.
I’ll say it again and again that u have a great style and I can recognaize it from 1000 cg thread.
nice to c u again :slight_smile:


If Maxwell Parish had Zbrush…great feeling of depth and scale.


amazing work 5 stars!
love to see more like this one mate,