alpha channel problems


i need to fill my background layer with black but cant. i grab the paint bucket but it still wont
change to black. can anyone help?

take a look at the scrrenshot



try Edit/fill, or you could just grab a brush and paint black over it.
If this still doesn’t work for you try duplicating your background layer and doing what I have suggested above.


Select all, delete and paint in black.


You mean the layer that’s actually labeled as “background”? You can’t do anything to that because it’s locked. Double-click on it in the Layers palette, and you can rename and unlock it.


your bg IS black. You have it covered with a color fill layer of white. turn off the color fill layer and you will see that it is already black.
If you need the color fill layer, try changing that color to black by double clicking the white box on your layer palette.


Make sure you don’t have an active selection. Select black as your color and push Alt + Backspace to fill the whole layer. The paint bucket is only filling a contiguous area (like MS Paint does).


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