"Alone" - Sci fi live action short film


Hi there,

My name is Vladimir Teneslav and about a month ago I just finished filming my 10 minute short film called “Alone”. You can check photos from the shoot here:


Earth was destroyed and all its population was wiped out in the Dead Hour war between the outer colonies and the great rulers of Earth, the Nine. All is left now are the ruins of the great cities of Earth that bear the mark of time and the expired machines that survived the blasts and are now cursed to wander the planet in search for energy.

Andrew is the only human on Earth that, with the help of his special A.I friend called Yona, is in search of a mysterious place that could potentially change the future for a better one. However, a great enemy may come searching for him and Andrew will find himself in great danger.

Now, the filming is over but the post processing is up next and there are lots of effects shots that require attention. I decided to make this project collaborative and reach out for artists that like the theme and really want to take part of a team project.
This page will be better presented in the future, but for now it features the project’s progress:

If you have the skills to tackle on any of the jobs in red then please contact me here or on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WhatWeMakeIs) or via mail at what_we_make@yahoo.com.

To list what help I need with the most pressure:

  • concept artist;
  • 3D hard surface modeler;
  • 3D organic modeler;
  • mattepainter;
  • rotoscope artist;
  • particle simulation (effects in general) artist;

Thanks, I will be at your service to answer any questions. The website will be updated with lots of news, behind the scenes clips and more, I just need time as I do all of these…alone.