Alone In the Dark - Promo Trailer


[font=‘Trebuchet MS’][color=white]Alone In the Dark - Promo Trailer[/color][/font]

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[color=black][font=‘Trebuchet MS’] [/color][/font][font=‘Trebuchet MS’][color=white]Great soundtrack. Fun comedy. :)[/color][/font]


Oh sweet jeebus no… it’s finally unleashed. :scream:

This might have actually worked if they’d set it in the original game setting. Oh well.


Ummmm no wonder they weren’t hitting anything in that awfully long firefight. The shells they were firing had crimped ends, which means they’re blanks. Besides which the rate of fire of those rifles had to necessitate an ammo truck for supply. This looks dire I have to say. Monster looked kinda cool though.


as a great fun of the first AiTD
a sucker for the CoCclassic and CoC by gaslight settings
a lover of dark/adventure movies
I can only say I feel violated myself by what the screenwriter did with this thing.

all they needed was to shoot something ala fincher’s panic room but in the decreto mansion and with added monsters, they chose to screw it up.



Finally a movie that will make less than thunderbirds.


I fell asleep somewhere in the shooting sequence, and woke up when the old guy was trying to open the door in the end. Was that edited by a blind guy with an axe?
Sorry guys, but this is not a masterpiece by Uwe Boll. Great name btw.



Slater’s Character: (as if a piece of wood) don’t open that door…don’t open that door. (mechanically raise hand as if concerned.)

Old man: (Slowly fire rifle into air showing absolutely no recoil while poorly pretending there’s a knife in your chest)

Tara Reid: (continue to be boring to watch unless your drunk)


That was the single worst piece of editing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Does the guy who edited it know what movie trailers are? Has he ever seen one?

Whoever edited it should be sent off to a very very scary place–to be alone in the dark.


holy crap… can’t think of anything to say


“Huh? What the…? Huh?” :eek:

-Dr. Paul Armstrong
“The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”


what macGR13 said

“Huh? What the…? Huh?”

hahaha ya mirror I had the same thought

well that was wierd


My teacher worked on the CG stuff. :slight_smile:


Ya a lot of the vfx was done at Toybox in the Tdot.


That was a god aweful trailer, I pray that is for a game, please tell me thats for a game.
and if its for a game why didn’t we get any in game shots. I agree, the fire fight is aweful, although the monster was cool, but that was about it


I’ve seen tv ads (remember chief tony ?) that were more thrilling that this trailer.

Windows Movie Maker in all it’s splendor.

Are these stakeboard helmets ?


I personally, probably will “miss” this movie when it shows up on the silverscreen. “What? They’ve already shown it? Darn it!”:rolleyes:

But regarding the trailer, it said “Promo trailer”, basically it’s rough moviematerial straight from the editing room smacked together. So it’s not really a trailer. That’s probably why the editing looks so strange. It’s all right here:
Looks like a popcorn movie to me, though. Cold, unsalted, been-on-the-floor-a-bit popcorn.

Just a question: To be alone in the dark, don’t you accually have to be alone? How many people can you be in a group and still technically be alone?:slight_smile:


“Just a question: To be alone in the dark, don’t you accually have to be alone? How many people can you be in a group and still technically be alone?:)”

You know, I thought Ed Wood was dead. I guess he’s been reincarnated as a German guy-go figure. Those guns remind me of the GIJoe cartoons where they all shoot lasers. I must say I haven’t laughed that hard in a while from a comedy, so it’s good for that.:shrug:


“please…help…gun…glued to…to…to…eye…brow…”


lol bentllama!


That was horrible! How can they even use the name “Alone in The Dark” with this ¤#"%!


“please…help…gun…glued to…to…to…eye…brow…”

A proud graduate of the Shatner School for the Performing Arts:deal: